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  1. Thank you for giving us the chance getting this limited edition. Luckily no traffic jam
  2. Super excited....Their comeback theme should be the adventure of dorky T-ara with Forty thieves, i.e. the adventure tale of Ali Baba with Forty thieves ...lol..
  3. EMI really knows how to milk off the fans )) I like Pearl edition cover but I think I will end up getting the Diamond edition.
  4. I'm still in awe of Jiyeon's haircut... so gorgeous, especially in turn-around shots.
  5. Congratulation to Qri for taking over the leader position! Let's hope for a better start for T-ara under Qri's leadership.
  6. I just cannot ever understand the way KKS/CCM handles T-ara's member rotation and the media. Best wishes to Areum! Hopefully, she'll get to fulfill her dream as a soloist.
  7. I love Jeon won Diary MVs, but 10 million views are quite a stretch there. Anyway, hwaitingT-ara N4! I hope that they will win at least once with this comeback.
  8. KKS is always at his best to exploit his "resources". I'm always wishing that T-ara would always manage to have best health so then they could continue their journey under KKS's supervision. Hwaiting T-ara!
  9. Whether this subunit will succeed or not, only time can tell. There is no need for one's prediction. Just wait & see and SUPPORT them! Ps: if they fail, i'm still gonna be happy because at least we have a new song to listen to it and get to see them on stage. Hoping that bora, qri and soyeon will be in a subunit too.
  10. Let's hope that they can endure this hectic schedule ((
  11. Wow...the teaser is just....WOW....Love every second of it. They all look fabulous. Jiyeon is amazing...the way she smirks, the way she walks while holding the sword, and how expressive her eyes are. I love how the trio JiJungMin all carry the samurai swords.
  12. They all looked tired, especially Qri and Soyeon (their skin conditions weren't good).
  13. They all seemed to have a lot of fun filming this mv. Jiyeon is such a dork though.
  14. Jiyeon is so gorgeous nowaday. Love her in Dream High 2!
  15. They all look fantastic, especially Jiyeon. I want this Vogue edition
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