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  1. Just don't push yourself too hard... And take care!! Plus they have a japanese comeback and round and round to promote next.
  2. Ahhh oh dear... Their schedule is really taking a toll on them. Hope all 7 of them stay strong! Especially with their Japan debut coming up.
  3. Looking forward to it Wonder what kind of song it'll be... Ballad? I'm hoping for one ^^
  4. It's good to see them take up more roles in dramas and movies. And so far hyomin has done different genres each time so that's good
  5. I feel so stupid... Hyomin was there... Right there...

  6. O.o This should be fun. XD Especially with her and eunjung on the same show. Definitely gonna watch this show ^^
  7. Ahhh cool cool! I always wanted to see them in a historical drama. XD Should be interesting. Hopefully diadem will be able to sub eunjung cuts? :puppy face: But there are still lots of shows, so no pressure. Oh and there's WGM too. Hope it's not too tiring though, with all the activities she's having.
  8. Oh dear... Those two really are siblings huh? They actually ran away at the same time... But I'm glad her plan to run away failed though... Who knows what could have happened.
  9. I actually liked her short hair but I really really missed her in her long hair : ) So good to see it's back ^^ And the 2nd picture is pure win XD
  10. Ahhhh.... I got a craving for pizza now... With lots of cheese... ^^; And hyomin's so cute, hope she had a good time eating
  11. She looks cute without her makeup Though I still don't get why people target jiyeon so much...
  12. Lols, braces aren't a big deal. Almost everyone who needs them and can afford them has gone for braces
  13. I like seeing her without eyeliner more. Though that may be because they used a jungle fish photo... Keke ^^;
  14. Oh gosh, I thought other fans or viewers would not make a big deal out of such incidents. Do they really need to bombard people with such comments until one day they really leave before they start admitting they were too harsh? Sheesh... She already admitted that she may have stepped out of line and she wasn't committing a heinous crime, no need to make such a big fuss.
  15. Ohhh... I'm really anticipating the single and of course to see hyomin in MV
  16. O.o I wanna go.... Sigh... Ah well. D: I'll have to be contented watching fancams and the footage ^^;
  17. Hope Eunjung would be able to get some rest after her drama. And I hope they'll have a good vacation Also, I'm interested to see them in Japan ^^ Hope they'll do well there
  18. I like the way this guy works. He knows there are limits to just being an idol. So in some ways he thinks about his trainees, as in instead of just squeezing all the cash out of them while they are singers, he thinks about what they can do after that.
  19. Why are people always so harsh? I don't think Jiyeon is hindering T-ara. What has she done so far that is considered as "pulling" T-ara down? Vocals wise though not as strong as some of the rest, she is pretty good (especially in her solo songs XD) dance and stage pressence, she's fine as well. Her acting is a plus as it gives her and the group more exposure. So in what way is she hindering T-ara? That's the question I would like to ask.
  20. One of the things I like about T-ara is that when it comes to things like this they are one of the most honest groups. Of course I understand that if, IF any other groups have done things, be it shots or surgery, why they won't admit it. I admit that if it were me I would probably do the same. So t-ara really is pretty brave for not trying to steer away from such topics, etc.
  21. Gosh, considering how busy their schedules are, and how little sleep they get, of course sh will be tired. People should try to be more understanding towards them. I mean there are certain days where we wake up feeling horrible and we're like throughout the entire day...
  22. Oooooh... I hope they'll do well in politics. Hehe! XD And jiyeon so cute
  23. Uwaaaa... Poor Eun Jung unnie DX it's kinda weird though... Soshi's Fany unnie just got well and I'm like YAY! Then Eun Jung gets injured. Sad again.... Anyway, Fighting!
  24. Waaa cool! But politics does seem a little scary... ^^; And I am kinda worried about 2 things... First would be that Jiyeon's still kinda young... And hyomin is gonna start asking funny questions and saying random stuff again... O.o I love you hyomin, I really do. I mean you got me into t-ara but at times she makes me wanna bang my head on a wall. Keke XD
  25. Hehe hyomin XD So cute as always Wanna wrap her up for my christmas present! ^^;
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