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  1. amazing pictures! thanks. they all look beautiful on stage performing
  2. judging by the pictures it must have been an awesome concert!
  3. hyomin looking beautiful as always. she has the type of smile to light up the entire room and lighten up the mood
  4. beautiful as always. hyomin looks good with short hair. she could pull it off for future concepts haha
  5. haha wow this is an old one. Never knew/heard about this.. they look so cute/sexy in those christmas outfits haha
  6. Qri and the hello kitty hahaha Boram is looking haawt and areum.. they all are
  7. lol clever idea for photos/promotion in japan. do they look like real dolls... kind of? haha
  8. Its a shame this app is only for androids (right?) Anybody know any other t-ara apps for iOS? besides the touch touch app<3
  9. eskimo eumiiiee~ haha she looks so cute in that giant jacket.
  10. Loved the performance and outfits. Happy they won best song award.. they deserve it boram shuffling in boots is a massive feat most cannot acheive
  11. Out of all 3 of those outfits.. I would have to say the white ones are my favorite. but ya gotta love the bunny outfits haha
  12. At first i was skeptical of this.. But after looking in to it. I would be wlling to purchase it. cause come on.. its a dating app..but dammit its got T-ara :3
  13. seeing that fanta sponsor is making me real thirsty.. They all look amazing as always! Look at little boram:p mmm areum lookin pretty as ever
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