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  1. yess..jiyeon lover unite....love it..

  2. tika i love your avatar pic...^^~

  3. oh! nice to meet you...

  4. from malaysia???

  5. thank for the add!!^^

  6. hope kite leh jmpe..lagi lagi rmh kite dkat..tak sbr nak tnggu diorang nye comeback nie..

  7. akk jumpe eunjung kat cherating pahang ke??

  8. rumah saye tu kira kat temiang lah...^^saya skolah kat smk puteri.umr akk bape??:P

  9. eh dah dekat..saya kat tmn perumahan cina sri pulai 3 tapi depan lagi..sekolah mane??

  10. ye..saya dri semban..akak??

  11. thank for the add..

  12. Happy Birthday..

  13. i start to know tvxq when 2004,,when i watch hug mv..and that time i only 6 years old..about 6 years since i know tvxq and jyj..

  14. haha~really cute..

    i like your location..(pierrot 9095)

    from where you know jyj??

  15. yes..her duck butt is flying in the sky~when he want to save the gurl..i feel like his duck butt is smiling at me..hehe

  16. do you watch in heaven mv?xiah junsu so handsome..i wish i was that gurl..

  17. same with me..i also a big fan of jyj..especially micky yoochun...

  18. ??do you like jyj yoochun...

  19. can you add me to your pm list??

  20. long time no see...

  21. org pertama nak wish dekat diadem nie...Happy Birthday kak..semoga shat slalu..^.^

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