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  1. your fan fiction is so sad..but your fan fiction is the best..hehe

  2. hehe 13 thun..kenal t-ara bila??

  3. yes..tapi rmai yg dri malaysia kat diadem nie..

    umur berape?

  4. happy birthday!!

  5. happy birthday to you

  6. thank for add me as your friend..unnie..

  7. thank for add me..

  8. nice to meet you!!

  9. hai nice to meet you..

  10. happy birthday to you!!

  11. i'm from malaysia..

  12. Thank for add me.

  13. i forgot to wish you happy birthday.. happy birthday to you my friend..:D

  14. minat tak dengan jyj


  15. syilah

    i love jiyeon too.nice to meetyou.

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