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  1. Whoa, they're truly enjoying the club lol and they're stunning as usual..
  2. ^ lol but she still looks fine... XD Thank you Special One for sharing this.. ^^
  3. LOL she's like spending a vacation with horse riding XD hopefully she will do great in this drama. Fighting Hyomin! and thanks Tika eomma for sharing this!
  4. oh.. oh.. what? oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOES! instead of this.. why not making a new MV with another song (I really really like you)? but whatever you do CCM... Fighting!
  5. Hyo.. thanks a lot for your hardwork for T-ara and for yourself~ and please also take care of your health. Hwaiting!
  6. Oh CCM... Part 3?! O.O ok it sounds good.. but why not do something else? anyway Hwaiting for this!
  7. FIRST! OMG my eonnie rocks those clothes! she's so cool in them! lol Can't wait the drama! Hwaiting Hyomin! Thank you for uploading these, Special One! =D
  8. WHAT?! Hyomin-ssi... You SHOULD REST! Go to your bed right now! heih..
  9. THIS... IS... NOOES! T^T Hyomin-ssi, please please please take a good rest! Our Girls seriously need more rest... Hwaiting!
  10. Wow! Way to go, Hyomin! I hope you'll improve your acting skills! Good Luck!
  11. They don't play as sisters.. the sister is Han Eun Jung not Ham Eun Jung (our Eunjung). they just play as friends in school... Anyway, Fighting! please stay healthy.. ^^
  12. Oh yes! This is really your year, girls! Go with it! and please stay healthy! we always support you all!
  13. ^ OMG my fav part ever! I wanna hug him! lol Good luck to them all! Wish wish wish for all the best! and please be healthy, T-ara!
  14. Wow! there you go, leader! XD I still couldn't believe that our hyomin is the leader now! keep that up, Hyo! Wish you all the best! Fighting!
  15. LOL EunJungieeee, you don't have to worry about the skinship. It'll come practically~ XD Idk why.. but I fall in love with her husband, Jang Woo.. he's really a romantic and gentle person~ T,T Go for it Eunjung! lol
  16. They are sooooo cool! It is in KBS right?! I hope someone could gimme the link to watch it.. T,T
  17. Wow, Jiyeon is glowing. ^^ despite their distant age.. they could be real couple.. lol
  18. OMG! LMAO! She could be my auntie if she was a 78er lol. Nothing is wrong if she knows some old songs, she's a singer after all. The more various songs she knows the more references for her to learn more. ^^
  19. Whoaaa?! This girl is really full of surprise lol I wonder how is he feeling now about her.. Anyway, he's lucky to get such a good girl like her.. and nooow I wanna see how you treat your "husband", Eunjuung~! Hwaiting!
  20. These two "sisters in crime" are really inseparable.. lol love it to know Hyomin would be joining the show.. XD Hwaiting for Hyomin and EunJung!
  21. OMG~! Thank you so much Oskar! Great snapshots! Btw, what camera did you use?
  22. LOL OMG when I read the title I thought it was something literally scandalous~ lol Oh eonnie.. it will be better if you're not doing it in the middle of broadcast.. anyway, Hwaiting!
  23. OMG~ T-ara girls sure are full of surprises! Yesterday was EunJung and today is Qri.. lol Hope for the best for these two~! hope they'll be showing good acting for this drama.. Hwaiting eonnies!
  24. OH EM GEEE! Such a happy news to me! Although I never watch one full episode of this show lol Well, I'll be happy if she's paired up with Taecyeon or SooHyun.. but I really hope he is someone 'unexpected' to us... lol Maybe Hyun Seung B2ST or Jin Woon 2AM maybe.. or maybe an actor. lol just random guessing.. Anyway, Hwaiting Eonni!
  25. OH EM GEE! They are all look great! and Taecyeoon *dies* Ah, Hyomin eonni could kill with that smile.. XD
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