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  1. Geez, why does she look soo pretty in her every selcas? envy envyy envyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Damn it I couldn't stop envying her... XD
  2. wow, no wonder this unnie is definitely a fashionista! Actually when I saw her snapshot I never think she was wearing sleepwear lol. Hmm, I should learn from her maybe... and Wow! I'm hoping more interraction between T-ARA SNSD and Wonder Girls! XD Hwaiting for all!
  3. OMG! I was literally laughing when I read this! I thought she was doing something wrong at first but dang! I'm totally wrong. lol Hmm, I think she inherited that funny attitude from her father.. lol lol the snacks thing is really cute.. XD
  4. NO WAY! I mean oh come on.. she already apologized before. Those fans are really.... -.- *sighed* I hope Seungri would give his response toward this problem. Hyomin stay strong!! let's make a TT guys?! with #Hyominstaystrong
  5. aaah... her... forehead! lol no matter what.. our eonni is beautiful as usual. AH! I can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait!
  6. Wow, I love the way he sees the future for our T-ara.. I can't wait for the rest of T-ara to be successful in their acting careers.. especially Soyeon..
  7. LOL Oh God, Netizens sure made my day today... XD How dare they judged our maknae like that.. they just know nothing than babbling non sense -,-
  8. First time I saw the title.. I was like.. "NO WAAAAY! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!" lol But I don't really mind about it.. and again, She's really honest.. That's why we love her, right?
  9. Oh Man, this is what we call 'professional' but after read this.. I felt like.. "OMG, Stop that Eonni!" if I was her sister.. I would scolded her then locked her in a room until she was fully recovered.. T.T anyway, Figthing for our EunJung eonni!
  10. Oh God.. She looks so adorable even when she is sleeping.. Eww, the busy schedules surely torture her.. Fighting Eun Jeong eonni! XD
  11. Well, you know 'audience'.. (sigh) Great gets applause and praises, Bad gets critics. They just didn't know how tiresome her schedules are. This tight schedules case was happened to Krystal's f(x) too. She fainted during a performance last month. or maybe Jiyeon should faint so the netizen will understand? NO! IMO, They're just too young to bare with the schedules. well, whatever.. "Hwaiting!" for Jiyeon!
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