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  1. Satu usaha yang baik yang seharusnya diambil oleh kerajaan bagi membendung masalah ketagihan merokok dalam... https://t.co/luOXhnP0xg

  2. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/M3FURMDI1g

  3. I think i would be more happier if i do so, too, but it takes much time to form a good and right word, for a... https://t.co/uv9LizW5Nr

  4. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/M3FURMDI1g

  5. @obahajima with a guy?

  6. maybe i love him,maybe i am not. maybe it was anger,maybe just lust, maybe i was too attached w him,or maybe its YES. http://t.co/gQb8xhRD8F

  7. RT @mjc0930: dear T-Ara 😊

    with Queen's, let's do this.... 👌

    #LongLiveT_Ara http://t.co/atk33dnZVO

  8. RT @mbeeedil_91: [+4,544, -1,601] She's pretty... ㅋ

    Finally u find a way to the light side.

    Finally u're not blind.

    Too late but finally…

  9. Audio: #nowplaying 로코베리 - 1,2,3 // ROCOBERRY - 1,2,3 (Body Fantasies) http://t.co/CiDMH3MCpi

  10. DavichiAra i don't know wae i suddenly spazz abt her.. :x

  11. RT @jaioil: [13.05.04] 쇼! 음악중심 티아라N4 [ 전원일기 + 1위 발표 ]-io.ts http://t.co/6GiiEwESFn magnet:?xt=urn:btih:02B1BB9FC27E22B53B8746C9CF6FDC48DD3D…

  12. I hope FNC's can at lease save t-ara's

  13. THE SEEYA Interview (Japanese) http://t.co/AwYPhkIg

  14. Fans: I go out when I heard a noise outside the office.Davichi is recording the music video while kang minkyung being carried up the stairs

  15. Ask me questions about music. ask me anything.., http://t.co/Ycr8V0f3

  16. RT: @tarawota: RT @knperfume: 本日、午前10時からBSジャパン「韓流ファクトリー」にT-ARAが出ます。



  17. ROLF. you're are funny. I'm your fan!! XDD http://t.co/hfqO6x21

  18. link to me the cover ver ? RT: @icabopeepyayaya: vioin cover of river flow in you is the best :D

  19. T-ARA Official [AREUM 3D] Application (Free) https://t.co/S4SrenxN

  20. KAWAII~ RT: @DavichiAra: I ship rumi and rabbits . Rumi your long curly black hair is so wayyyyyy better than short blonde ;~~;

  21. Collage/University admission are going to be strict to Korean Idol if they didn't finished their assignment.

  22. I just realized that AREUM LEE deleted her own Facebook ㅠㅠ *cryingrivers* http://t.co/Dkls381a

  23. 난 바닐라 어쿠스틱 정말 좋아요 ... ㅎㅎ

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