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  1. My tweets are of an average length (68 characters, on average). What about yours? http://t.co/RQi7uzui #twength

  2. My stomach. God. I can't sleep. Its really hurt.

  3. Rolff. #ituseksi trending no.2 worldwide again. Haha~ No Minwoo show his love to me. #ituseksi ok.

  4. 11.11.17 M!CD Special stages. 3 of 3! T-ARA vs. SNSD vs. WG. Ok. Let's see. Who'll win. @TSCChara

  5. Loyanya dengar.. Ahhh~

  6. Read my response to "Do you have an imaginary friend?": http://t.co/BGc6tKhO

  7. Read my response to "Do you like roller-coasters?": http://t.co/G2h2hnMr

  8. Omg! For the first time since Cry cry released. Instiz Real-time chart [11.11.14] T-Ara #1 !!

  9. They blocked my username on @seoulfm again. I'm not spamming! LOL

  10. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/CO5L08c5 [Original Demo Song] SNSD(소녀시대)- Spring Day (How Great is Your

  11. My cupcake turn ugly. AGAIN. So uglier. Lolled my self. Duh.

  12. When I say,"Hi! GOOD MORNING" but then he said, "Off to sleep now. GOOD NITE" LOL. We're in different GMT!

  13. Take me out is just like Perfect Match? Curiously me. So.

  14. So~ HAPPY END ing!

  15. Failed broadcasting. LOL

  16. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/jGPUmRTx T-ara(티아라) Cry Cry MV ENG SUB

  17. OMG! Junho Charms. Gosh! It KILLED me in one shots of his eyes!!

  18. Off to school! Last day for secondary today.. Happy for them!

  19. I have a very BAD feeling about T-ARA new Mini Album. PERHAPS, We've to buy 2 Albums in one time. $$$$$ LOL

  20. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/ylhK2YZq TRAX 트랙스_Blind 창문_Music Video

  21. I don't like raining when I went out. Tht because i'm too easily to get flu. *sigh*

  22. I ALMOST PRESSED “DISLIKE” Button for WG on @youtube but,. I still follow the rules cus I HOPE THEY WOULDN'T DO IT FOR DAVICHI too.

  23. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/q1XpFieK [D.E.T/Girlshigh] [111105] Min Kyung Cut @Immortal song 2

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