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  1. thats good. she's trying a new characters. different from my gf is a gumiho. unnies looks really stupid there! haha! but, since i hates her in Gumiho9, shes doing her role very good! I can wait for unnies first film! Horror one. hwaiting!!
  2. i'll love this couple after yongseo couple! khuntoria, hmm! FAKE! my expectation of this coupel is so high! i hope unnie not will be Fake!
  3. Congrats t-ara! soon, iriver will be choosen by the most wanted mp3!
  4. they work really hard! from Albums, dramas, film, variety, and CF! it's to tiring for them! They're really, Energetic Youth girls group!! Aja! :)
  5. fake or he really jelouse???!! But, it possible.. unnie is so pretty.. lol~
  6. soo~ poor soyeonnie.. unnie, dont be sad, we'll always at you side!
  7. OO.. i'm falling love with Jung-Woo Couple <3

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