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  1. i know and understand what you're trying to say. i'm just saying "original 6-ara" because T-ara was debuting officially with 6-members. no offence to Jiwon and Jiae. i love both of them and always keep update with SPICA because of Jiwon
  2. i know but i known T-ara when they were 6 members during TTL promotion. later then i found out about jiwon, jiae when watching Good Person MV. just kinda of used watching T-ara with 6 members
  3. CCM is quite a mess with KKS as long the original 6-ara is still together,i'm still happy to support T-ara can't imagine my music life without 6-ara good luck to areum
  4. feel sorry for jiyeon.. don't even get time to study.. CCM should adjust T-ara schedules so they can do other thing except singing and acting.. they also need some time for their private life..
  5. i'm really frustrated because they come on my working day.. lost the only hope to meet them in KL.. hopefully the showcase will run smoothly M-Queen's will always support T-ara (including me ) have a great Chuseok in Malaysia
  6. i've been waiting for this it's nice and good to see that International Queen's still support T-ara after what happen to them
  7. what a brilliant idea T-ara always pull out different ideas from other groups wondering am i gonna find Boram unnie in stage the performance will be super duper cute and fantastic
  8. that the power of my Queens i'm already addicted to Sexy Love keep supporting our girls
  9. the second photo is awesome just like t-ara dolls in tubes i swear if they make the dolls, i gonna buy all of them anticipating so much for this comeback after all mess t-ara fighting ^^
  10. i'm speechless with this news.. no matter who're right or wrong.. T-ara is the only kpop group that i admire.. it's too sad, on T-ara 3rd anniversary Queen's got this news.. may you succeed hwayoung, i believe you'll have a bright future as a rapper.. stay strong the other T-aras
  11. oh, god.. this news really disturb me a lot.. really don't like this new addition.. Dani, you should practice more so i can like you (maybe) how can you join T-ara with a few months of training while others has done with years of training.. KKS sure good with troll (i hope you do't ruin my precious T-ara)
  12. ah, why they not come during school holiday... and the ticket is quite expensive.. i'm thinking twice whether to go or not..
  13. another acting-idol from T-ara.. proud for hyomin.. hopefully she's doing well..
  14. futuristic but katana sword? can't imaging this new MV.. really anticipate Day By Day.. hope all my 7-ara are in.. otherwise i'll gonna hate KKS (already dislike him for adding members lol)
  15. wow, new concept and 20 minutes MV.. really anticipated for their comeback.. it's gonna be awesome but i hope the two new members will not ruin my mood.. still need a lot hell of time to accept them as T-ara (or maybe not forever lol)
  16. i will never agree to this addition.. no matter how cute the new member is.. 7-ara always in my heart.. let just focus on T-ara comeback so that the pain that KKS made fade away.. it'll take much time than the one when hwayoung is add
  17. poor Boram unnie, hope she recover soon, really hope they doing well until comeback
  18. nat, it's cool.. i'll absolutely gonna buy this.. the shirt with t-ara image and signature, AWESOME
  19. i wish can meet T-ara watch them sing live sold out mean our girls really popular around Asia
  20. i'm really anticipate for t-ara comeback but not this news i don't really care what KKS will change as long as 7-ara still together i'm gonna be mad if he kick out one of my QUEEN
  21. i'm lost interest towards this news i really don't care about it anymore as long as my 7-ara still together from 6 to 7 is okay to me but another two members????
  22. can't wait for T-ara comeback really anticipate new album and concept for sure they can kill all the charts
  23. terrible and bad vacation.. poor eunjung.. hopefully she can cheer up now because that not totally her fault
  24. what??? i don't know what to comment.. KKS got power to do it.. just hope our girls can really adapt with this change.. as well as fans like me who will try to accept this change and support them no matter what.. can't wait for their July comeback 7-ara forever
  25. honestly i'm speechless and really don't like this idea.. it's hard for fans to accept it.. but it's better than replace other members.. i hope KKS can re-consider his decision..
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