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  1. To be accurate, antis, and 6-ara bias, were unholy against T-ara becoming a 9 member group after the announcement of Dani and Areum were joining the group. They needed a media catalysis to happen for them to push Hwayoung, via cyberbullying, and rile up the media outlets about. All Kim Kwang Soo wanted was for T-ara to expand and develop more better and overcome newer challenges, but antis just didn't like him, let alone forgive and move on from previous misunderstandings. I don't agree that this happened overnight, since there was mentioning about Areum's message awhile back about going solo.

    Sometimes when a 6-ara bias says "original" for Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram, and Qri, while knowing that "originally" T-ara started out with their debut as 5-ara with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon, it just comes off like 5-ara weren't good enough to begin with, and in a way, hurts all of them for trying their best, which basically started T-ara, in the first place. Don't get me wrong, because my T-ara bias is every single member, as well as former members, and I'm very thankful for every additional member that is part of Hyomin's, Eunjung's and Jiyeon's careers in T-ara, because they are T-ara too. :)

    i know and understand what you're trying to say. i'm just saying "original 6-ara" because T-ara was debuting officially with 6-members. no offence to Jiwon and Jiae. i love both of them and always keep update with SPICA because of Jiwon :)

  2. As a reminder, 6-ara is not the original T-ara, 5-ara is the original group. Soyeon, Boram, and Qri were added after Jiae and Jiwon left T-ara. And 6-ara lasted from July, 2009 to July, 2010, when Hwayoung joined, and currently T-ara is a 7 member group.

    i know but i known T-ara when they were 6 members during TTL promotion. later then i found out about jiwon, jiae when watching Good Person MV. just kinda of used watching T-ara with 6 members :)

  3. wow you keep updating....... where you found that kind of info anyway ?

    t-ara have so many awards ....... in just a few years..... it was cool

    well, we want Queen's to be updated with T-ara huge achievement

    it's a long list after 3 years debuted

    btw, congratulation to T-ara and Queen's

    T-ara just won Best Idol Award at 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards yesterday

    finally an award for our girls after all tough things this year

  4. There's already a topic about this product:



    And to answer your question, the card you get when you beat/complete the end of the shake/tap game, there's 3 cards to choose from, you choose one and see which card you get.

    These cards can be used to boost your points.

    There was a small competition for this game that just ended last weekend, and the winners were announced today.

    i'll merge both threads

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