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  1. Finally they get their vacation Hopefully they have good rest and enjoy the moments together
  2. this is why i love CCM family in this cast, hyomin (senior) help juniors (SPEED) and LD+ rank #1 on GOM the winning always share together always remember the moments when Davichi happy celebrated BPBP and LD winnings with T-ara
  3. they keep their second promise but i read on facebook jiyeon can't join T-ara because of Dream High 2 i miss eunjung-jiyeon moments
  4. I've been waiting for this Co-ed in hiatus for a long time miss them since Too Late and It's You (5dolls) hopefully 'Lovey Dovey' remake will succeed
  5. hopefully CCM can give them that promised 10-days vacation after Lovey Dovey promotion that what you need to pay when being a hallyu star you got no vacation and seldom meet your family
  6. hyomin, that a good strategy to promote T-ara in China hope you're doing great in WGM ^^
  7. Qri unnie got busy? its' weird, i guess CCM got more plan for T-ara this year it's so unfortunate, we can't watch Qri unnie in Japanese TV
  8. my heart broke into pieces when reading this news hopefully she recover soon because i'm gonna miss her perform for 6 weeks
  9. finally T-ara will get official fanclub KKS should decide this a long time ago hopefully it got english version
  10. i got upset when jangwoo didn't recognise eunjung's hand but it's funny to see how jiyeon and soyeon play around in that episode maybe it's scripted just to make the show interesting to watch i hope jangwoo and sister-in-laws can clear up this things because i don't want eunjung feel bad and stuck in the middle
  11. finally the day that they wait for so long hope they enjoy their holiday well gonna miss them so much while they in break
  12. both of my bias are not well my heart is breaking read the news get a nice rest eunjung and jiyeon i'm waiting both of you and others for Lovey Dovey live performances
  13. shuffle dance??? i'm impressed T-ara is the first girl group that will do shuffle dance can't wait to watch their live performance
  14. wow,almost all-kill no wonder because the song is really great congratulation to T-ara and Davichi
  15. just listened to the song the song is DEEBAK great combination from them ballad + rapping, COOL
  16. the competition is really close T-ara deserve to win but i don't expect too much since it's Music Bank however i'm happy for T-ara since they create new phenomena of millennium disco this year
  17. great collaboration can't wait for it the best Christmas gift for fan
  18. congratulation to soyeon she's known as 'Mouth of T-ara' i'm pretty sure she can carry out the leadership very well like eunjung, boram and hyomin before this
  19. Chukahae T-ara Finally, 1st win for Cry Cry i bet they must be excited and happy to hear this news lets wait for Music Bank today i got feel they gonna win today
  20. it will be epic if jiyeon and eunjung can act together but really excited to see jiyeon in Dream High 2 i'm wondering what character that jiyeon will act since eunjung got Hyun Baek Hee
  21. one song with 3 MVs + dance practise MV what can i say more about T-ara our girls totally awesome love all the MVs esp the ballad version because i can clearly see each of member
  22. yeay!!! T-ara news appear on my country newspaper let's build huge support for T-ara in Malaysia
  23. finally the day that we wait has come our girls will make comeback today i'm really excited since they already pull hard work on Black Eyes i like what hyomin said, "chameleon-like group" it's definitively T-ara has their own identity, colour and music genre
  24. Choreography is great since TTL, TTL 2 and IGCBOF Cry Cry really the best T-ara got better and better for every comeback
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