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  1. congratulation to our girls really proud of them i know they will succeed even have to compete with WG and SNSD the fans really love Cry Cry
  2. maybe they will release another repackaged album with Lovey Dovey means that more money to be spent for T-ara at the end of this year never mind,it's worth for buying all the album
  3. i can't stop listening again and again the original Cry Cry and the ballad version the feeling when listening to this songs remind me when first time listen to TTL definitely our girls can kill the charts with this mini album all songs are superb
  4. so cool but where is the rest? i guess maybe jiyeon and qri will be main characters in the mv can't wait to watch full mv
  5. i'm not saying that YaYaYa is not good but more prefer if they promote Roly Poly even the fans asked for Roly Poly but both got cute, catchy outfit and concept i just hope YaYaYa will be well received by fans
  6. poor T-ara hope this misunderstanding will not effect their comeback and their spirit to work in this industry T-ara hwaiting
  7. i'm pretty sure they will able to compete with SNSD and WG it's because of this new album concept so manly and look full with actions it's perfect for me
  8. he admit T-ara is good i got to say, love this new album concept T-ara look so cool and full of actions can't wait for november
  9. this is a great update and collaboration really anticipate for this new album November,please come faster really miss our girls so much
  10. congratulation T-ara japan people really love them lets pray that our girls will continuously have great success in japan gambate T-ara
  11. wow,look like a huge and big comeback really anticipate for it just hope that T-ara comeback will able to compete with WG and SNSD got to save for T-ara new album
  12. love eunjung~jiyeon it's the best moment among others to see how they're supporting each other hope Gyebaek will get high rating among Kdrama
  13. wow, comeback on october which means i have to spent money for their album (another collection ) Goodluck T-ara on bringing new concept of Black Eyes Hope they can beat other girl groups
  14. heartbreaking~~~~ she's been determined for T-ara even in such condition i feel happy and also sad about that now it's time for her to take a break and recover soon i can't bear to watch T-ara performances in uncompleted members hope to see healthy jiyeon and others soon for japan debut
  15. it's nice to see how the members and their manager take care of jiyeon. get well soon jiyeonna or your unnies especially eunjung will worry about you. i really want to see all 7 healthy members debut in japan. hwayoung is look like a pro =)
  16. ah, gonna miss their performance so much Roly poly is such a great song can't wait for T-ara Japan Debut must be excited and proud to see how T-ara will be known as one of successful kpop idols
  17. 10,000 only... must quick to buy it or sold out i'm waiting for 19th to grab it
  18. 23,000,000??? wow,chukahiyo T-ara you all deserve this i bet t-ara will beat other girl groups record
  19. love jiyeon and eunjung chukae T-ara you all deserve this after all the hard work
  20. as usual,our rapping princess i definitely hear their song because of eunjung
  21. that our leader so professional and talented idols keep fighting hyomin and T-ara
  22. omo, our leader the girls need some rest after promoting their album don't overwork T-ara take care of yourselves
  23. what a happy family i love see the bonding between T-ara and Supernova hope to see them more for another future collaboration it's been a long time after TTL and TTL 2
  24. my bias are so cute jiyeon and eunjung outfits are superb
  25. wow glad to hear after all hard work i'm happy for T-ara they able to surpass other group T-ara hwaiting
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