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  1. congratulation hyomin i'm so happy for T-ara can't wait for their japan debut and comeback
  2. finally..... i've been miss them so much japan debut and next album are great combination for T-ara
  3. Eunjung ah... always like that lol but whatever she did, she still look good and bright star
  4. i already watch ep2 fall in love with the scene where JangWoo zipped Eunjung's jumper it's like man proposed woman to marry him JangWoo even sing to Eunjung can't wait for ep3
  5. looking forward for eunjung-jangwoo i don't know him but whoever paired up with eunjung is lucky
  6. yea,finally eunjung in WGM i wonder who will be her 'hubby' hope someone that i like too such as one of the b2st
  7. wow,congratulation eunjung i'm really proud of you the best and full package idol that i ever seen
  8. she still look same to me she really has natural beauty and a talented girls too
  9. they befriend again? omo,i can't wait to watch the subbed one finally no more fighting and wars between them
  10. eunjung and suzy are cute together what they are try to do in the second photo? lol it's nice to see they really have good relationship
  11. woo can't wait the watch the beautiful girl mv t-ara is back wanna hear t-ara voices
  12. weird styles (eyes and snake) but baek hee looks hot DH character is totally different for eunjung i'm glad she's given chance to explore her acting skills
  13. i love when they were in hanbok so cute and pretty thanks for sharing must find their cut of the show
  14. more baek hee photos sometimes i just hate baek hee character because eunjung acted kinda so real for me but she got point to be bad lol anyway,i love eunjung no matter what she gonna be in this drama
  15. omo, our dancing queen and leader are absent i love to see all 7 members danced together too bad they're lost to AS
  16. i think she done it without any bad intention maybe she try to be close with her senior but it's good she explained that, so people will not misunderstanding her intention
  17. as usual,eunjung looks hot she keep progress with her baek hee's character can't wait to watch current ep thanks for sharing this photos
  18. wow, i think this might be the reason why eunjung has fun today although she has missed some show or perf with t-ara members, i'm just glad she's happy acting in DH
  19. they are so cute and pretty thanks elly for sharing this photos gonna keep as collection
  20. they really cute in hanbok,love that so much may they have good holiday and time with their family too bad eunjung unable to spend her holiday with mom and dad because of DH (relief when she said she love acting) maybe she will call them as usual she did before or sent some presents to them my girls are going busy this year with another project (japan debut) hope they will succeed in whatever they do in their career and life too (since boram unnie want a boyfriend lol)
  21. wow,free ticket i wish can get it too but unfortunately... let's wait until special episode then want to see how eunjung (baek hee) progress and her performances too
  22. i still can't watch seeya goodbye stage because it'll make me sad the sweet memories in last year idol sport championship t-ara,seeya,davichi,supernova also the part when t-ara win triple crown in inki for BPBP i love how they support t-ara CCM family are the best
  23. is she danced to IGCBOY??? but why everyone laughed at her??? somehow her hair reminds me to taeyeon during SNSD Happy Together i wish there will be T-ara Happy Together soon with all 7 members present anyway, can't wait to watch this ep with subbed one (either from this forum or KBSWorld)
  24. my jam eunjung our sleeping beauty is really cute even in sleeping she must be tired because of DH shooting she even sleep with the scripts at her hand lol
  25. jiyeon and hyomin again they are so cute thanks for sharing the photos i'm gonna find the show now
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