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  1. hyomin again in variety show i spot jiyeon and qri unnie too thanks tika for sharing the photos
  2. kyopta..cute!!!!!!!!!! hyomin and soyeon jong juri and hyunbin are there,must be hilarious lol
  3. wow t-ara's performance i miss them all the time thanks for sharing the photos
  4. yeay new track i hope that song will be awesome can't wait to watch t-ara on stage again
  5. omo i don't know who to be blamed for this incident but i'm really impress how t-ara become so professional dealing with it thanks God nothing bad happen during the perf it's better not happen again to my precious t-ara
  6. wow they look cute together jiyeon always look adorable to me maybe they took this photo during filming a show
  7. oh,my pretty eunjung you're so damn cute in that school uniform i just love yoon baek hee character
  8. it's not unfair how t-ara name don't ever mention in CNN that americans should find the right source when reporting it ever compare LW to beyonce????oh,i can't believe it t-ara is much better for bo peep bo peep
  9. both are cute and beautiful no wonder jiyeon is known as little kim tae hee sometimes they seem look alike but seem not maybe because of the photo-shot angles but jiyeon is talented as kim tae hee in acting
  10. i love Mr Kim Kwangsoo you are the best CEO for T-ara it's nice of you to help them and others develop their career in singing and acting as well i'm sure T-ara will be the best acting-idols under your good care
  11. baek hee looks totally different she's freaking hot on stage also looking forward for jason and pilsook showcase lol can't wait to watch the subbed one from our DDsubs team
  12. aigoo,jiyeon is so cute last year she's absent during idol sport now i'm waiting to see her action lol but sadly heard that eunjung absent for this year event never get to her all 7 members play together but anyway,cheers for t-ara team
  13. omo, they are freaking cute i love when they promote their t-aradotcom things i wish i can buy one of the clothes they wear
  14. eunjung is freaking sexy and hot for baek hee showcase i can't wait to watch DH ep7 the subbed one DDsubs team fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. what a crap news they are talking about she is the youngest, of course she need to learn a lot from her unnies but she's good in acting and singing in this situation, people need to support her instead of bashing her badly i bet this kind of news that always give huge pressure and sadness to idol groups let's continue to support jiyeon and t-ara
  16. that means korean idols now are way much better even taiwanese idols also copy them woho, bravo T-ara but copy is still copy, that taiwanese idols would never be the same as original kpop idols and that singer would never reach the standard that T-ara has reach now i just don't like others to remake T-ara original song
  17. i don't think eunjung been bullied by others but t-ara members always make pranks of her lol from what i see, they have close friendships towards each other it's impossible some of them will ruin each other careers i'm just hope they can stay as t-ara as long as they can no matter who is their leader, eunjung still my bias and t-ara leader for me and my fav girl group is T-ARA (forever and ever)
  18. yoon baek hee eunjung i will love you for whatever character that you acted thanks for sharing this
  19. ah,eunjung is so cute and pretty i like the last photo where she with piano thanks tika for sharing this
  20. shot is not plastic surgery *agreed* i think soyeon has natural beauty she still look same to me since debut until now i bet anti-fans will get excited to read this and maybe start bashing her ah, who cares with their non-relevant comments lol i still love soyeon
  21. beautiful girls..oo..girls (b2st song) seeing them in non-stage outfits they look so lively and happy i love the last photo, eunjung-jiyeon (t-ara teletubbies song)
  22. yes,finally.............. i'm waiting for this movie to come out wanna see eunjung for another thiller/horror movie after Death Bell
  23. wow, t-ara as Honorary Advisors i know they're having hard time do this task but it's good when they take that seriously i hope they able to overcome any obstacles that might lower down their confidents
  24. i still remember in t-aradotcom, leopard patterns used to become fav to qri unnie now soyeon also show interest to it must be influenced by qri unnie lol well the pattern fits well with her new look
  25. woot..thumb up!!! eunjung will be more popular in japan it will affect t-ara too (in positive way) when people start to know about eunjung, they will know t-ara too yeah,eunjung fighting!!!!!!! t-ara and dream high fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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