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  1. last time, scandal with mblaq now with supreme team i guess being a celebrity make all people watching soyeon every single step that she do even with whom she befriends with i'm glad if she's in a relationship (pray for her happiness) it's good when Mr Kim actually understand her position
  2. yea Mr Kim CCM should not rush T-ara to debut in japan since they really busy with comeback,various show and individuals schedules T-ara need to build up their huge identity on korea for 2-3 years from now then i think they will ready to be in japan T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. "t-ara members always fight over food" (hyomin in SGB) yea,i'm glad they take care about their health boram seem to eat a lot during cam recording but she still look thin
  4. wow t-ara and moon brothers in korean traditional clothes hwayoung seem pretty close with maden maden cute face look like CCM CEO,Mr Kim lol can't wait to see this ep
  5. thanks guys for sharing eunjung look so sweet with braids i'm hoping they will change her look and show her coolest short hair in next ep
  6. wow bigger resolution thanks guys for sharing i always waiting for the new photos YAYAYA
  7. really??when?? i love soyeon voice on DB 2 and CH can't wait to hear more song from soyeon
  8. DEEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! eunjung is back no doubt now she is acting-dol she continue to show her acting talent in this drama after DB and CH i hope she can keep up her determination in acting and also in singing with T-ara EUNJUNG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. never seen this photos before i'm glad they are close maybe because they are in the same management company now i also start to listen Co-Ed songs
  10. i think the photos are shot before t-ara comeback if u notice,eunjung and hyomin hair quite long compared to now but eunjung still recovering now since she not appear in stage performance
  11. i haven't seen the photos before thank guys for sharing i can make all of them my laptop wallpaper
  12. wow T-ara look like ordinary university students simple outfits but still nice perfect pic to make it my wallpaper desktop Davichi and Seeya are there too
  13. 1st pic doing "knock,knock,knock" 2nd pic with soyeon wink (so cute) yellow outfits
  14. tomorrow is the premiere of DH glad to see eunjung happy hope DH will get high rating
  15. T-ara members come to support boram unnie and her dad eunjung must be support her from their dorm boram unnie do look alike her dad i glad to see how close all the t-ara among each other that make me love them so much
  16. wow jiyeon is so cute in yellow+pink hanbok i really like when all T-ara wear hanbok i'm looking for the pics of the their appereances in hanbok including hwayoung
  17. well, in that award ceremony eunjung got helped by kim soo hyun and suju's choi si won that why CCM hold all eunjung activities until she well recover in a month
  18. have seen this performance somehow WAYBLT song seem lack of something (maybe because no eunjung) wow, western boram nice dress they wore
  19. jiyeona....... she look happy and always smile and nice black outfit too
  20. wow eunjung so gorgeous in white gown congratulation eunjung for winning the new star award hope the award will soon 'recover' your injury saranghae eunjung fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. owh netizens, please stop critic our jiyeon she is trying hard to please everyone i feel sorry for her but i'm happy she song eunjung part very well JIYEON FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. it will be much better if eunjung was there anyway,beast-ara really DEEBAK cute yayaya version by beast
  23. the task become even more complicated i hope T-ara can stay strong i can't bear see one of them cry anymore (last time jiyeon cried because hectic schedules and tough stewardess practical) but it's the good things for T-ara to learn some politics stuff T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. eunjung is so cute this should be good for milk CF just have some good rest then hurry cameback i'll miss you perform
  25. how can T-ara date... even their sleeping time is not enough they quite busy since their comeback really pulling their leg to be the queen of kpop they are not just girls anymore but they are famous entertainer i wish they good luck in their career and life T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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