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  1. eunjung now is really busy with her Dream High i hope she not miss too much live performances everytime T-ara perform,i always look first at eunjung
  2. t-ara always make pranks to each other poor jiyeon her unnnies always tease her but i think that will strengthen their relationship JIYEON HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-ARA HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. jiyeon is always cute in pic soyeon also gorgeous T-ara hwaiting!!!!!!!!!
  4. i wonder who the senior that don't like T-ara hmm plastic surgery... that don't matter to me because i love their talents,look come in second
  5. youth is never die funny pic especially narsha and hyomin i'm waiting to watch this episode G7 hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!
  6. new season??? that great.. i start to love watch IY they are so hardworking,funny and gorgeous
  7. DEEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna see their performances i missed the show,now have to find on youtube... KBSWorld only repeat the show on Monday
  8. wow..politics..much more challenges ahead..i'm hoping that T-ara will become more tough and brave for this next mission..T-ara hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. eunjung is still cute even with her weird sleeping habit.. anyway, she is jam eunjung.. always sleeping everywhere at any time..
  10. T-ara have done really amazing job in DG.. They're so determined when attend the class and practical.. Please dont cry T-ara.. T-ara hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. so nice to see T-ara gather.. good time to hwayoung to become close with her unnies.. as usual,they are beautiful even with less make-up..
  12. i think t-ara will get more no1 spot.. it's worth waiting for their cameback.. T-ARA HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Press ENTER to look up in Wiktionary or CTRL+ENTER to look up in Wikipedia
  13. 'yayaya' song is cute and t-ara just adorable during the performance 'why you act like this?' is really powerful (especially the rapping parts eunjeong and hwayoung) T-ARA HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. T-ara was amazing..in 'yayaya' song, they are so cute and colourful..meanwhile the song 'why are you act like this?', the performance just so powerful (especially eunjung with her rapping part )..i can't wait to see 'ma boo' MV and their next performances
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