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  1. OMG!! If you find out anything, TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! I wanna go see them too!!! (I also live in Hawaii)..... I've never thought they'll ever come here but they are OMG!
  2. OMG making them stand side by side, i just noticed how Q-ri's skin is tanned compared to the others LOL
  3. so the song will be released on June 10....what about the music video? I'll be waiting for it! FINALLY WE GET TO SEE JIYEON ACT AGAIN even if it's only for a music video!!
  4. so i guess hyomin went in place of jiyeon.....i hope unni get well soon.....i want to see her on more tv shows
  5. my jiyeon unni is NOT the maknae anymore!!!!!!!! i hate it!!!!!
  6. i want Park Ji Yeon's!!!!!!! They should also have individual album covers of each member!!! I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY JIYEON'S ONE!!!!
  7. why is there no jiyeon!? and its so sad how they kinda "left out" jiyeon....even though she wasn't in the magazine, they could've at least made a little section for her name and introduction.......
  8. my lovely triangle!!!! J.J.J -------> Jinwoon - Jiyeon - JB!!!!!
  9. Freda_gonong

    7th Layout - Metamorphosis

    this was the layout when i first joined the forum
  10. so i am guessing the official fanclub name will be 'TARATHENAS' since it is winning the poll....even though it sounds kinda weird, it has a good meaning though...
  11. my jiyeon unni already missed 3 episodes(6,7,8)...when will she come back?
  12. yes it is during their sbs gayo daejun rehearsal...... the name on his belly says "EUNJUNG".... he was dancing in place of eunjung cause i think eunjung wasn't there for the rehearsal....
  13. is this fro m!countdown! their outfit is different!!
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