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  1. Wow.... Another GREAT fashion airport... LOVE it so much.... I wonder Why I love K-pop Fashion airport so much.. :wub:
  2. Wow... Neomu Yeppeo.... Really!!!! She has a really clear skin... LOL... Fighting...
  3. It's okay if they kept quiet... But, it's too cruel if They shouted "Hwayoung" name there... Can't they think of how others' feeling????
  4. Until now... Only 2 from 4 have been released... Where are 2 others???? Delayed again???
  5. I wish.... After they did write this.... Everything will change as we want.... God Bless them....
  6. This matter is come from simple thing... But, Human started to make it more Unreasonable.... Human did it w/out thinking of Others feel.... CCM should do something....!!!! This is the only chance to make T-ara stay as Idol... If CCM still skip this chance... I don't think they could still stay in this kind of Job.... I wish if : "From first, If CCM didnt kick Hwayoung, It wouldn't come out like this" or "If Hwayoung didn't respond of Her Members' tweet, there is no this kind of situation" This is Just remind me to "Dr.Jin" "If History could be changed... What Now is or What future will, also be changed"
  7. Everything just gotten strange.... MBC stopped WGM for WooJung w/ the reason of Eunjung's Five Fingers.... And now... it's reported that Eunjung is not longer the cast of this drama... Something just gotten strange.... The key of everything is... "If CCM hold a Pers Conference, and T-ara themself open thir mouth and resolve everything about those matters" "I don't think that This will come more serious" But now... This has just got more and more serious... actually, I believe everyone could smell it from the beginning when CCM wanted to add 2 new members.... Let's wait and see what CCM will do after this...
  8. D-Unit... I love their Song... "I'm Missing You" And also their Dance!!!!
  9. I don't know why... But... When I read this... Suddenly something appeared in my mind... I guess.... Kim Kwang Soo know what behind of this is... Option of save only 1, He prefer to save 7.... So.... He promised Hwayoung to help her on Music Study and Left T-ara... THIS is just come out of my mind.. I don't know why....
  10. Second year trainee?? Is that Her that Posted about Jiyeon throw Heels to her???
  11. Yeah.... They even don't know what happened and they posted it.. They think like they are "Fortune Teller".. Or... They think they are someone who Judge something without any facts!!!
  12. What??? This is too cruel.... which one is the facts!!!!! Really.. If They can't tell the facts.. I will resign from Diadem and Gueens'.. Being Confused isn't fun at all!!!
  13. I'm really feel bad for Dani and Areum... Areum has just joined for a month have to face this kind of situation... Dani, haven't joined the group but I believe that She must be really confused of "Join or Cancel the contract"???? What Fans can do is only "Pray for the best" and "Think positively of Everything"... God never give us a test out of our Skills...
  14. I don't think that KKS really stopped her contract because of "Refused to appear in Music Show"... I don't think this is the real situation.. There must be something behind all of this... No know for sure!! Except Them, T-ara....
  15. No one knows the facts... Honestly, I don't believe everything everything that allkpop said... We even don't know if KKS lied to us or if Hwayoung really did it for selfishness.... No one knows it!!! Only Agency, Real Back Dancer, Stylist , and All the staff know the facts.. But... We also don't know if They were paid to lied...
  16. Big Announcement... I've been ready for the best and the worst... Even until disbanded... I've been ready for that.... Wish them all the best.... This is what we've never expected of... "Behind the Scene of K-pop Idol" Human.... When there is a Good person... beside it... It's also a bad person....
  17. She wasn't able to perform Because of Her Injured Ankle... GWS Hwayoung!!!!~
  18. From What I read the situation on allkpop.... I don't why... But I am disappointed of their tweet.... I don't why they posted it on twitter... I know how Hwayoung feels... It's seems like Ur Own friends who use to live together in past 2 years can't see the real condition of ur own self... It's worse when they posted it in Twitter... and one more thing.... "Why does it happen near at their 3rd year anniversary?? Why? Why??"
  19. Which character will become eunjung's???? Protagonist or Antagonist ??? Let's wait for it...
  20. About science???? I'm not a scince student!!! LOL I hope CCM won't separate it into 2 part!!! I remember , they released Lovey Dovey Part after 3 months from Cry Cry part!!!! I was waiting like crazy!!!! and I hope it won't happen this time!!!!! wishing the best then!!!!
  21. I admit it if Dani has a beautiful and pretty face!!!!!! Hyomin is the main character here!!!!! cant wait for it!!!!! huhft!!!! It reminds me to FINAL FANTASY!!!! great!!! and I see Jiyeon is the best here!!!!! From here I see , T-ara is the only girl group who always create a great MV!!!! I'm proud being Queen's and also being one of DIADEMs!!!!
  22. now it says that will be released to 5.30 and later will postpone again then.... KKS please stop postpone!!!!!!!!!!
  23. is there only jiyeon and hyomin who have blnded their hair???? I am still confused abut their new concept!!!! let.s wait for it then
  24. What concept is this actually??? Yeah.... This is too shocking transformation... Hyomin looked better w/ Lovey Dovey 's Hair Concept...!!!!
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