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  1. Thank you for this giveaway Good luck to everyone.
  2. Yeah I suppossed her and Eunjung would pursue acting, but as long as she enjoys this! Maybe this could open some doors, who knows. Excited for this I know I may be dreaming but I wish we could hear some good news about Eunjung in a drama soon.
  3. Almost done with mine ^^ I have to say though, some of the bigger ones uploaded suspiciously fast... so if there's a problem with the files please tell me so I can upload them again
  4. It's sooo cute omg.. I can't get past the laundry machine part to the next screen though, and I already got Jiyeon out lol Maybe it's because I'm using Windows 8? edit: nevermind lawl It works just fine in Windows 8, only on fullscreen. Like people said before, the Number 9 MV is laggy. Good job :3
  5. I don't think this is too soon, if you think about it Japanese comebacks are like every three months or so. They can't neglect Japan if they want to keep on being popular there, and they did say they'd have a tour this summer. That's not to say I wouldn't prefer a Korean comeback :c Oh well, best of the luck to them.
  6. I just don't get why T-ara or CCM have to go out of their ways to please them haters. Before the scandal and before CCM screwed everything it'd been good to have someone capable but now people are just biased against them and will find every little thing to turn it into a big issue. No matter what they say or do they'll just continue being hated on. So yeah even saying she'll be reflecting or whatever is useless (idek what's there to 'reflect' about though, the one reflecting should be the reporter who blew this out of proportion and made a news article about something private but hey that's just my opinion). Idek I just find this controversy so mindbogglingly stupid but I guess that's Korea for u.
  7. I agree they should focus on finding who leaked the conversation wth Also it's funny they're criticizing her for criticizing someone else... like, what do they call what they've been doing to her and the rest of T-ara in the last 6 months? and isn't that what they do to celebs? lol hypocrites..
  8. I'm glad to see her speaking up. Who cares about the haters, they'll hate regardless.
  9. Thank you so much for this, clicked your link I'd also like a download link, please~
  10. But what about her training? Excited about the S.Tiger song but I hope it's not a chipmunk song again LOL
  11. Awww she's so adorable with her backpack. Thank you for posting
  12. Knowing CCM they'll probably end up delaying something I'm really excited for this, can't wait to see how this turns out.
  13. Thank you so much for this! So excited to see Bye Bye Does anyone know if there are Apple is A, Wae Ireoni or TTL fancams?
  14. See, I really hate this attitude of "people have to get over it". No, they don't have to. Everyone is entitled their own opinions, everyone needs their time to cope with the changes and I don't think people have a right to decide who is a true fan and who isn't. Just because someone is ok with this it doesn't mean the rest must be. I'm not going to hate on the new girls because it's not their fault and they're too young to be dealing with this, but that doesn't mean I'm ok with CCM's decision. This is completely different from when they added BoSoRi and even Hwayoung. The first change was pre-debut and they had to do it because Jsquared left the group. It's normal for rookies to have lineup changes, they're rookies. The second change was made one year after T-ara's debut, when they weren't nearly as popular and established as they are now. It still was unnecessary because they already had two rappers and Hwa can't sing, but the group wasn't a top group like they are at the moment. But even now, there are people who still don't accept her in the group (I mean, if KKS really got rid of a member like he said he might, and that member was Hwayoung, I doubt the outrage would be the same as if they kicked out someone else). She still gets a LOT less screentime than the rest of the members. Roly Poly era was especially bad for her, and it was only recently that she was allowed to shine. But now, T-ara has reached a status in which they are considered one of the top girl groups in Korea, and they were even the second girlgroup behind SNSD in the 2011 Gallup poll. You don't see established groups having totally random lineup changes (Afterschool -who isn't nearly as popular as T-ara- does it but the graduation system is their concept, so it's not random), You won't see 2ne1, SNSD or Big Bang adding new members at this stage, because anyone with common sense can see that you don't change what is already working, especially when you are at the top. It's especially unfair for the current members because they went through A LOT to reach this status. It could be completely understandable if someone was leaving the group and they had to look for a replacement, but in T-ara's case no one is leaving so there's no reason for this lineup change. I think that's what makes people upset. But anyway, even now, I really hope the new members are the omg amazing vocalists the CEO says they are for the sake of the group. They don't need another Hwayoung (in the sense that they don't need yet another member that will be underutilized and pushed back) and more importantly, I really hope this is not a case of "adding people because their English skills only". In any case, I hope the 14-year-old girl is not one of the members. I don't think someone that young has a place in T-ara, it will completely change the way the group is in order to accomodate the youngest member, not to mention that someone that young shouldn't deal with the schedules and level of stress T-ara gets. Besides, they won't be able to do mature or sexy concepts in the future, and lately most T-ara tracks have a mature element to them, not to mention how awkward the group dynamycs will get. Even Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey have guns and clubbing, Really, I hope this works out in the end because I love the current members and they've put way too much into this to achieve success, but I'm not too optimistic :/
  15. Meh, I don't like it when groups change, especially for no reason. I only hope this doesn't have a negative effect on the current members.
  16. r.i.p Boram, Qri and Hwayoung's lines. And Eunjung is having a lot less lines lately.
  17. Just when I'm getting kinda neutral to the member addition he goes and says this. God, I can't with KKS.
  18. Smh at people making a big deal out of this, I don't get what's so offensive about saying "arigatou" in the first place. Haters should mind their own pathetic lives instead of making a fuss about nothing ¬¬
  19. LOL I knew people were freaking out for no reason, it's good they cleared that up though.
  20. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEE lol just kidding Hey, maybe it's a special performance with T-ara or something, not necessarily a literal new member.
  21. My favorite part was the game, so funny xD Thank you for posting it, I'm glad the seven of them were there.
  22. Aww the scores are really close, I hope T-ara can win ): Maybe if the broadcast or viewer's score goes a bit up. I'm crossing my fingers.
  23. LOL aww they're so cute and the CF is so colorful haha! I see Hyomin wearing that short wig with the fringe.
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