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  1. looking forward to the drama, just started soyeon's one and she's doing a fab job!! hwaiting
  2. After this controversy i just totally feel awful for all the members, they must be going through a very hard time
  3. am sooooo looking forward to their first concert!!! about time they had one too!
  4. after watching hello babies, boram's new haircut really suits her, she looks really pretty
  5. wow, for a second there i thought she was snsd's yoona, with those red bean eye bags! cute! here's another lot of young generation!
  6. interesting plot! yay another drama with eunjung! like her shows! can't wait
  7. wow, areum has really nice skin! she looks a bit like eunjung! pretty!
  8. this photos are really nice, unlike other combacks that can truly transform ones looks, these clearly show one's beautiful side!
  9. yay, really like their performance!! love the new album!!! Don't Leave is one of the best so far!
  10. really like this song!! can't wait to see their comeback!!
  11. aww she shouldn't blame it all on herself its not her fault, shouldn't have to pay them all back either, weren't they insureDd?
  12. a well deserved vacation for T-ara~~! rest well and come back energized! looking forward to dream high 2
  13. most definitely they need to be insured! just thinking about what they would be bringing over there and the clothing! just how much would it all be worth!
  14. nine members??? like serious? is it even a good thing to always be changing members?
  15. really happy for them, think they have the potential to be really good actresses, loves dream hi totally liked it!
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