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  1. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i rather eat that bowl of fruit than that small ass bowl of riceeee... just sayin
  2. Where can I obtain this photobook at? ugggh my post is too short zzz.
  3. Wtf, I thought they released a limited edition of this book already. Oh well now I have a chance to purchase the book
  4. Hahaha, its like a hot shoe release everyone wanting to purchase the shoes online but instead everyone wants to watch the MV keke.
  5. LOVE the beat, cant wait to watch the full MV BTW, Jiyeon boobs look big hehehehehehe yummmmmmmmmm
  6. Getting my CD shipped out in a few days. Hope the song is good(sexy love) but I notice some songs are from their last album and the cover is really ugly Regardless I will still be copping.
  7. I hope she is ok and doing well I like the drama she is in also. Can't wait to watch tmrs ep.
  8. Unless T-ara breif us themselves about the situation, we shouldn't beleive what anyone says.
  9. Lol, but we never got to really find out what was happening. What if this all happens again Zzzzzzzz. Oh well Gl T-ara!
  10. Same, we need to know what is really going on from the members themselves not the CEO/CCM
  11. What a great way to try and save face now. Guess after all the criticism he regret his choice lol. I wouldnt rejoin.
  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, will this start the downfall of T-ara? Or will it just pass by over time like nothing has happen. Dang this is a good drama. Does it air every mon/tue on SBS? or thur/friday on MBC?
  13. Dang they work so hard for the concert too. I'm so disappointed in all this drama going on but I'm not sure who to believe. As a Jiyeon fan I was really heartbroken when she didnt hi5 her own member.
  14. Hah, can't believe they are still going to promote a comeback song after all of this.......
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