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  1. OMG just reading the description makes me go *____* However, I don't really want it to be too sexy, gonna create opposite effect. Call me sensitive but I feel a bit worried. Anyways, just wish the best for her solo debut!
  2. OTL I have no idea why I keep seeing it as "Dream girls" lol For "Dream high" I have ep 2,4,5,6. I'm gonna add my name to the doc now (ep 5 & 6 first)
  3. Until now see this thread == I have dream girls from episode 4 to 10 and I would like to help re-upload. However, the file size of those videos is big and my connection is slow so it'll take time for me to finish re-uploading all of those. (Not to mention I'm doing my graduation paper.) If diadem don't mind waiting long then I'll start re-uploading asap PS: we don't need bpbp dance version anymore right?
  4. Great news! I just wonder if that scandal hadn't existed, would they have ranked as high as 2ne2 (considering the 3 songs released after the scandal).
  5. omg lol her shirt...

  7. OMG LOL 2000 fans =) There were 200 fans at max =) Anw I WAS THERE GUYS sobs they're goddesses I swear T______T And I successfully handed Jiyeon bb my letter, I directly put it into her hands *______* My fangirl life is complete *_______*
  8. Bless this post! That's exactly what I keep thinking about these days, people believe what they want to believe, no matter if it's right or wrong. It's so ridiculous that netizens are not aware of them cyber bullying T-ara while they try all their might to find the so-called 'evidence' and use that to attack the girls. I can't help but think how they can ever stand on stage again after all of this. Now it's like the whole kpop world is against them. I really want to get out of this cruel kpop world but I still love these girls, such a dilemma for me. Wish all the best for T-ara!
  9. Congrats T-ara \m/ I feel so happy for them At first I was kinda worried because the song is really sad while it's summer and people kinda expect cheerful songs. But they still dominates 9 charts at 9.20pm yesterday \m/ T-ara fighting!!!
  10. My precious 7-Ara... This is tiring...

  11. WTH T-ara wants this T-ara wants that, stop it already they didn't even know anything since the beginning. KKS is the one who decided everything by himself and we all know that the girls only knew it when they read it on the internet. He's such a dictator and he's ruining the precious 7-ara. I hate this but I know I can't just leave this fandom that easily.
  12. She has always been mentioning him as her ideal type for a really long time already lol Now she must be super happy kkk~
  13. Huh that's thai magazine, not vietnamese one =_= change the title please
  14. I don't mind anymore :)

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