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  1. nice secure #1 and #3 position.... lol a just go to billboard website and find Cry cry is in #10 DAe to the BAk Go..go... You Go girl!!!!
  2. i cry really cry dont want to wait more longer i want the mv now....i want the mv now....
  3. just search in ustream there many japan channel who live stream.....
  4. I think hwayoung is girls in glasses and hyoyoung is the other coz in the latest twit pic hyoyoung is blonde
  5. why hwayoung always get picture in bad angle and in bad pose or bad expression ... huft.... but hyominie and rambo in one pic I really like it....♥♥♥
  6. lol I in japan now but cant go to the show case.... hiks T.T
  7. but lets cheer up guys be ready again for tomorrow lets do it again for T-ara
  8. be patient be patient be patient huft...... still wait still wait still wait.... fighting fighting fighting.... Roly poly Roly Poly Roly Poly huft huft huft....
  9. lol this make me want time to running fast to that date............ And see the MV also listen the addicted songs roly poly . T-ara jjang!!!!
  10. be patient and wait for 4 days..... i hope time goes fast to 29 june.....
  11. T-ara is in same agencies with utada hikaru, miyavi, and shina ringo them is legend in japan.... wow t-ara daebak... t-ara jjang..!!! not belive?? look at here
  12. lol this is incredible wow really a great photo princess eunjung is really daebak... really pretty... i hope princess hyomin have amazing photo like this...
  13. wow i want watch the movie... but i must wait 2 month again after the dvd release ...... coz i cant go to korea to watch the movie...
  14. WOW the light is too bright make all t-ara kinda scary coz too white like ghost. Btw the Movie is called White I think them is must look white... lol... T-ara JJang!!!
  15. Why hello there. I see that its your birthday soooooooo... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Enjoy your day and have fun!!! :D

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