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  1. Oh really? I just noticed..Hahah Thanks anyway. I'll try my best.^^
  2. Oh I see. Sorry then. But I'll try my best to search the others video with Diademsubs.^^ Can I upgrade to Donor if I contribute in this project?
  3. I upload two videos. Please check.^^ Anyway, do admin accept Invincible Youth EP2 by KBS World? Since it's already sub by KBS.
  4. Okay that's really weird.. Sorry there's nothing I can help you..
  5. You can check on "내 정보" on the left column. Then click on the small arrow icon. It will appear your name and your level. If is stated "우수회원(퀸즈2기)" thats mean you had been level up. I
  6. What we have to do after we sent our confirmation form in the fansite?
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