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  1. apology accepted (well personally for me) though what's done is done just promise each and everyone has learned for sure.
  2. It was too early for them to appear on television... Whether this was filmed before or after the scandal broke the problem is people are still hot on them so its a critical move to do, they could have just delayed the episode and released the next one or replay last week's episode since this isn't necessarily a show with a story but an entertainment show. Whether the public sat through the whole show or not their problem is they don't want T-ara to appear on television unless they're there to apologize (guilty or not). People can spare their appearances on dramas just as SM spares JYJ appearing on dramas but not in talk shows. reality shows, or variety shows even yet music programs.
  3. Yes Hwayoung education first before work! Its the most important thing so far for your age take this time to catch up with the studying you didn't have time for for the past 20 months
  4. theres not enough corn in the world to make popcorn for this crap.... For the last 20+ hours every Korean gossip and news sites has been posting nothing but this issue, even beating last April's scandal.
  5. if theres anyone who knows whats happening is people in the same industry... We might not know the whole story but I'm pretty sure everyone in the Korean Entertainment have heard details that isn't allowed to be released by the media. As far as I know its they know something WE don't know, so they have the right to decide who to take sides with.
  6. this whole thing is has happened before with SeeYa, Nam Gyuri was claimed to be mistreated and instead of CCM telling the truth they turned around and made Gyuri the bad one if that wasn't enough they made the SeeYa members bad mouth about her saying she's a liar... I'd rather not hear a thing from them than hear them make false statement against a former member to keep their jobs.
  7. .... how can they have viewers when the show hasn't even aired yet?? lol anyway this is no surprise though what I've been wondering is why only her?? she's not the only one whom "allegedly" ganged up on Hwayoung... Hyomin for instance is staring on a sitcom and Soyeon on HL. Seems a bit suspicious how its Eunjung who's getting pinned down this bad.
  8. This is more like AKB48, unless the agency sees them putting a lot of heart into the game they won't get a spot to shine. In AKB's case its normal since its the whole concept of the group, they can probably survive having a lot of fans without their music but T-ara??? Bullshark. Its just crazy talk, if you want this kind of competition get Coed back to your company and let T-ara, 5dolls, Speed, and Pin-up Girls do it! There's already a dirty friendly competition between these 7 members, Eunjung and Hyomin always gets the glory while Boram and Qri always ends up getting a little bit or nothing. Its not they are lazy or what judgmental Kpop fans would say "useless", I would know that these girls work hard to stay in this group.... No wonder Boram is so depressed is she that small that you can't see her worth?
  9. 10K?? freaking 10K only?! it's kinda awkward since it's like a repackage for a repackage mini album album (LOL JTWB 2 new songs and 4 remixes from the previous album? sounds like a repackage to me.) I'll try to buy it~ But I'm saving for their Japanese Release...
  10. T-ara is royalty~ Everything about the MV is so daebak and come on! Roly Poly, I really really like you, and the Temptastic remixes are just addictive! theres nothing more better the OT7!
  11. Aww that's really sweet! I know all of them has schedules to keep up and sleep to catch but they went to Hyomin's photoshoot just to congratulate her~ too sweet >.<
  12. Cool! I knew 3-5 minutes isn't enough~ there had to be a story in lol I wonder what's the other four's roles hmmmm I think Boram's the nerdy one lol
  13. Oh my god~ Is That Mr. Jeon O_____O So cute~ T-ara partying with Boram's appa LOL I can't wait for their comeback despite my Coed Boys' debut getting delayed
  14. I've read this days ago in Core Clique~ I've always believed Hyomin has such fashion sense although it's difficult for her to pick clothes and accessories in malls coughOnlineshopaholiccough I'm starting to think it's T-ara who decides who wears what on T-aradotcom lol
  15. Despite not being that talented I want Hei Girl back! When I was so into mando-pop there were no stuffs like this! but now girls are coming back or debuting as copy cats... S.H.E. and Hei Girl is the real deal for me... Despite Hei Girl being a useless girl group at least they can do MC or Act and better yet have original concepts
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