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  1. Thank you for making the best T-ara international forum ever.
  2. Help! I can't get past Credit card information. After I clicked next, it made me download additional plugin INIcrypto30.dll. And i always fail with it. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance
  3. T-ara is just awesome. By far, the first idol group that i've heard to donate for this current event.
  4. Hyomin, Jiyeon and EunJung. Omg. Just nice my bias-ed members in t-ara
  5. Jiyeon is by far the best idol-actress i've seen so far. I would put Ga-In in the 2nd place. Her latest sitcom "All my love" says it all. As for idol-actor, i'll prolly give it to Jo Kwon. XD
  6. I seriously don't get what the difference is with having an average lower age. Neverthless, T-ara was awesome and is still awesome with the addition of Hwayoung. Love my t-ara member-deuls.
  7. Co-Ed's song is awesome. It's a sad thing that Co-Ed stops promotions because of t-ara's comeback. They can promote together though. Anyway, still can't wait for t-ara's comeback!!
  8. I have no problem with MVs. In fact, I love the MV. Was neutral with the song at first. However, addicted to it now. Totally, can't wait for their comeback!!
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