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  1. I kind of like the song! Haha it's a little different from the usual kpop songs. Rap + ballad has always been T-ara's strength and that's what makes them stand out among other girl groups. Personally that's what I like about them. However, it wouldn't be easy to get the majority to like this song I think? >_< I just hope they'll do well with this unique genre. I'm baffled by the dance though. It's not exactly that good? I mean, by reading that it is choreographed by Beyonce's choreographer of course I'd have high expectations but the dance seems...just okay? Or maybe it's just me. By the way that last line sang by Jiyeon is sooo captivating heh. If I'm not wrong that should be Jiyeon right? ^^
  2. Wow. I'm already sick of commenting and complaining. What's left is a headache and maybe a broken heart. I'm still loving 7ara and I don't think I can accept the 2 extras. Yeah *salute* to those who say we are delusional and that they are anticipating the changes and new members (was being sarcastic just in case these people don't get my point). With such major changes in 7ara, there are bound to be massive changes within the fandom too. Firstly his reason for the addition is ridiculous. They need to work harder? Wow working more than 12hrs or even up to 20+ hrs a day is not hard enough?! They didn't even get any breaks until recently. First time seeing a CEO talking xxxx about his own artistes instead. *salutes* I was thinking maybe he didnt want to spend money to promote the new trainees so he let them ride on 7ara's success instead. I mean, is the company facing financial issues? So many artistes left CCM, from Co-ed to Hwang Jung Eum. And then now this. I'm not sure what I'll do when the extras are officially added in. But from now till July, I'll still love 7ara will all my heart Only 7ara.
  3. I want to fly to Korea in July! Or maybe they could make it world tour so that I can attend their solo concert. This is what we've been waiting for all along and finally we are hearing these great news. A solo concert, official fan club, official fan name. Finally they're paying attention to us fans T_T
  4. Huh this collab cafe lasts for 5 days only? D: I wanna go there too!
  5. I don't see what's the big deal here ==" Don't they have other better things to report about? How is speaking in other languages a controversy?!
  6. She continued with smile, "The fascinating thing is: We're tired, but we just won't sleep while we are moving place to place in the car. We will just chat in the car, to release our stress." >> Haha Soyeon I think you might be the only one talking away to keep the others awake to entertain you LOL! Soyeon: "We said to the agency while joking, 'Can't we get a concept like other girl groups? Let's promote with an innocent and cute song' and they replied 'You guys don't match that kind of concept'. I think we are fated to have some eye-catching concepts, even in the future." >> That's what makes them stand out from the rest and makes me love them. Powerful and outstanding songs. They never fail to impress us with their concepts and I'm thankful to CCM for giving them these songs instead of the cliche cutesy songs that other girl groups have. But they really should get some rest. Whatever happened to the 10 days break that KKS promised them? D:
  7. Park Jiyeon shining like a superstar <3

  8. The only problem I have with the MV is the fast changing scenes again. Oh and not enough focus on the boys ): But it's Hyomin's hard work so of course she has to be proud that there are so many people watching it
  9. But...they already have no time for themselves! They sleep only 2 hours per day and now they're gonna sacrifice the 2 hours to do voluntary work? Am I the only one who's not very happy at this news? If that is so I kinda don't want them to win D: They deserve to rest. As badly as I want them to get the wins that they deserve, I don't want them to overwork themselves with more schedules!
  10. OMG BEST NEWS IN 2012!! First was winning digital daesang, then winning on mubank after 2 years, now an official Fanclub! 2012 is really the year of success for our girls, I can't exclaim how proud and excites I am now *tears of joy*
  11. Haha hello thanks for your compliments! :D It's the first time someone said my fic is going to be in their top list haha. Anyway just wanted to drop by to say thanks and that I do have completed and on-going fics! But I doubt they'll be as good as this oneshot though >_< Do check it out if you have time heh.

  12. YAYYY Eunjung's wish came true! They totally deserve a long break haha. Hopefully they'll take lots of photos and share them on twitter
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