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  1. this is not funny at all...... It's not easy to maintain T-ara as my top fav Kpop group!!! it's been 2 years since I introduced to T-ara til now still there on the top! gwr! CCM please don't don't do this funny and freakin' non-sense thing.....T_____T
  2. thanks ya for da wish ^^

  3. seven_nicorobin

    Roly Poly (4)

    they really look like super cute hi-school delinquent lolz....
  4. totally 80's hehhe...why the time is so slow now XD modern WYBLT to 80's Roly Poly....
  5. the guy is good looking...cute and tall~ i saw him in "smile donghae" kdrama... and im following that drama ^^ can't wait to see this episode come out!!!LOLX :P
  6. its been a while i dont see soyeon in their perf. but i saw her in 100/100 lol...
  7. i think they'r not really similar just a bit...lol jiyeon is still jiyeon and yes..she is cute!! and kth look pretty....^^:rolleyes:thats my thought...lol
  8. LOL...i know 5dolls song bcoz of t-ara... and thanks to T-ara, i've noticed their song.. and now i like 5dolls too ^^ dont worry 5dolls..people wil know more bout u soon! 5dolls hwating!!
  9. hey there hapPy birthday to u ^^

  10. hey there hapPy birthday to u ^^

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