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  1. can't imagine how sad she feel right now..poor her.this must be hard for her. my condolence to Qri and her family and may her grandfather rest in peace
  2. that 5F PD must have a lot of regrets after he kicked our eunjung out from the drama..too bad after kicking her out, the drama flop.
  3. hoping the best things to happen to T-ara after what they have gone through few months ago. lets pray for Dani to bring more shine to T-ara
  4. justice will prevail!!go for it eunjung!!!the 5F producers deserve to be sued.
  5. happy to know that T-ara have countless loyal fans out there. still waiting for a day i can meet T-ara at one of their concert..still can't afford to purchase the ticket for their concert
  6. its okay girls!!!let the haters do whatever they think 'right' for them to do..one day they will know who is right and who is wrong.didn't they always mentioned 'karma' before?well, as what has been said by those 'pure and innocent' haters, that 'karma' is going to come and visit them soon. i am so proud that the girls still perform in a professional way..they even said thank you to the crowd even though most of them didn't even cheer for them.be strong T-ara!!! <3 <3 <3
  7. thank you CEO Han Yongsoo.. but i'd prefer if eunjung not to be reinstated in five fingers drama. i just need that whatever-named PD to apologize and pay compensation for whatever damages he had caused towards eunjung!
  8. this is bullying..SBS IS A BULLY they bullied our Eunjung!!! i pray for Five Fingers lowest rating ever..i hate to say this but sorry SBS made me become like this. :angry:
  9. "Although Eunjung might not hurt the ratings, people might not buy the products being advertised if she's there and it would be a waste in the PPL sponsors' eyes." gosh..how stupid these people are. i wish they cannot even sell any of their products though eunjung is not in this drama.
  10. goodness..her cheerful face has totally gone.she looks extremely sad though she tried to smile. poor eunjung..be strong girl..i know you can do it!fighting!
  11. it must have been so hard for her to hold back her tears and hide her sad feeling. though the reporters were just doing their job but i personally think they shouldn't asked the question since PD had warned them to ask questions relating to drama only.it shows the unprofessional side of reporters. how i wish i can be by hyomin's side, comfort her and tell her to be strong gwenchana hyomin ah..fighting!!!
  12. :wub: cant wait for the comeback... though they may face some criticism from a bunch of ignorance haters..
  13. get well soon soyeon..poor her.. she must have been in a great shock.
  14. Jiyeon's ramen? Mose's issue? etc...i don't know bout this..can you tell me please? all the best for Hyomin...Queen's will always pray for you and the rest of T-ara
  15. a silly demand from a bunch of stupid netizens.. just change the channel whenever T-ara appears on TV..is that hard? the show is meant for those who want to see T-ara!
  16. i pray for their big success in the future..they have been working hard for the last 3 years and only god knows how hard their life as celebrity is..
  17. agree..plus crazy netizens alleged that hyomin poke hwayoung eyes in this video but actually hyomin accidentally poke her left cheek.. something is wrong with netizens eyes..
  18. http://www.change.org/petitions/we-love-t-ara-and-we-are-against-those-who-want-the-dissolution-of-t-ara-please-help-us-to-have-150-000-signs
  19. can i say that the admin of TaraDotCom is actually not a true fan of T-ara. if he or she is a true fan, he or she will stay and support T-ara despite the controversy. more so all the accusations are not confirmed yet..we all still don't know the truth..
  20. anyone can post any fake story about T-ara right now..so sad! even I myself can claim that I used to be a CCM trainee but leave the company not long before my debut.and I've seen T-ara members bullied A,B,C,D,E bla bla bla... stupid people will definitely believe this fake story though it has no valid source. stupid people love to read and believe stupid articles!
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