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  1. Oh, you are so good

    I tried to practice drawing XD

    It is so difficult

    any way, tks for your reply :)

  2. ^_______^..) glad you love them dear. :) yup, I used SAI. but not on my fanarts here. cuz it's all manual then sum edit in photoshop. I used sai if I use tablet for drawing. You draw too? :)

  3. Hello :D

    I like your fanart very much XD

    How can you draw them?

    DO you use Paint tool SAI ?

  4. lol you viewed me but you didn't say nothing T.T btw have a nice day ^^..

  5. Oh ~ Qri and Junggie are so cute. Qri's eyes ara big and beautiful I know : Eunjung can sleep every where =)) LOL ~
  6. T-ara is so beautiful . They always smile , angel smiles Their legs are beautiful T-ara for iRiver >.<
  7. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so beautiful, but the boy is not ... handsome T__T T-ara hwaiting~~~
  8. I miss her. Her voice is good. They look very beautiful. Jiyeon is pretty girl. She did't make up o.o but she always is beautiful Love T-ara
  9. I love T-ara . T-ara is best girlgroup >.< I proud of them - 7 angels .
  10. I love Junggie :x :x :x JungWoo couple is so kute . Jung is beautiful and Woo is handsome >.< Like their selca
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