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  1. woah that ELSIE name has a good meaning.. and whytf is benjamin being consideration to be her stage name?? lol the way she singing t-ara version of her song is so true hahaha such a cute interview cutie eunjungie
  2. i cant stop fangirling over her red hair. so perfecto i was so shocked when i watched the peformance ystrday bcos her nice body is slimmer o_O eunjung is aging like a fine wine. i'm so envy
  3. i love this perf more than mcd because i can hear her voice clearly. eunjung ain't lipsync and that ki-o/seungri kid hair is much better than ystrday lol eunjung rocks the hair it's just so perfect and it reminds me to hyomin's day by day era haha
  4. arghhhh.. so beautiful it's like the concept is updraded version of jiyeon's 1min1sec but more revealing skin?? and i ain't complain btw what's her official debut name?? is it elsie ej? or just elsie? bcos i watched her introduce herself as eunjung in mubank. how confusing :s
  5. suprisingly i love the name so it would be elsie for singer!eunjung hahm eunjung for actor!eunjung eunjung for t-ara!eunjung yayy can't wait for the song to be release
  6. ouch ..not this 2012 issue again please to know that the girls are feeling the hate from public is always make me feel sad and angry at the same time thx for the news btw^^ can't wait for eunjung solo debut!! fightinggg!!
  7. lol what's the concept of this photoshoot?? edgy weird eyebrows?? jiyeon's new tattoo tho
  8. pretty <3 but that tattoo needs to go.. it doesnt go well with her cutie face
  9. when her eyes' make up isn't thick smooky etc her nose feature stand out more strong visual!jiyeon
  10. so pretty i'm fall in love with her eyes and her eyes' make up is so on point <3
  11. wow that's a lot of money.. good luck for both parties !! the next article would be "T-ARA, Why are they so popular in Brunei?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. yasssss i can't wait i hope Ji Chang Wook will participate in this xD
  13. after love dovey in tokyo now the love has been upgraded to sexy love <333 i love the mv.. so much fun and i spot soyeon & sungmo on 0:14 alsfhdkf t-nova <3333
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