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    icweq18 got a reaction from inumeev in [15.05.08] Video - Eunjung/Elsie I'm Good @Music Bank   
    i love this perf more than mcd because i can hear her voice clearly. eunjung ain't lipsync and that ki-o/seungri kid hair is much better than ystrday lol
    eunjung rocks the hair it's just so perfect and it reminds me to hyomin's day by day era haha
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    icweq18 reacted to jungieluv in [15.05.08] Video - Elsie(Eunjung) at 1theK #Hashtag   
    I feel like still dreaming that i'm looking at Eunjung with long hair
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    icweq18 got a reaction from subtle_yuki in [AD/PROMO] Jiyeon for Shu Uemura (04/21)   
    lol what's the concept of this photoshoot?? edgy weird eyebrows??
    jiyeon's new tattoo tho
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    icweq18 got a reaction from 용기123 in [15.04.16] T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment recieves 80 billion won cosmetic project with Brunei   
    wow that's a lot of money..
    good luck for both parties !!
    the next article would be "T-ARA, Why are they so popular in Brunei?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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