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  1. Seriously!? && I wanted to see Jiyeon && Eunjung come out in the show too
  2. What!? Hopefully this news isn't true!! I want to see Eunjung on Five Fingers!!!
  3. Thanks drama broadcasters for not removing them!!! YEAHHHH now I have more shows to watch tehehehhe (:
  4. They have a smile on because it was filmed before the controversey && what they can't smile anymore? That's ridiculous. Grow up. Get a life.
  5. Finally hahahah ehhh what reporters would do just to get a scoop smh
  6. I get Hwayoung injury but she was at the rehearsal && decided to leave all the sudden. Sitting on the chair singing won't damage your image && isn't hard it's kinda easy,you don't have to dance. Plus if she didn't want to do it she could have said so earlier so they could have practiced earlier && during rehearsal. They didn't have Soyeon there either who sings lots of lines as well so having to remember Soyeon and Hwayoung lines will be kinda tough.
  7. Eunjung fighting!!! HAHAHA people should set aside their own personal thoughts out of their head. Are they really gonna try to destroy someones career by complaining. Seriously I guess "fans" means something else in Korea. One moment a rumor that may possibly not be true sprouts up they try to ruin someone's career. For the fans who are still loyal to T-ara in Korea && everywhere else I'm proud of you hahaha keep cheering them on && give them courage that their fans are there and will support them hehehe Just hope everything will turn out for the best!! (:
  8. I'm pretty sure Soyeon will do well in the new drama ohhhhh can't wait hahaha (:
  9. Noooo Jiyeon isn't gonna be the maknae anymore ): && she deff doesn't look like Yuri hhahaha but they like to compare people who are pretty popular~lol~ Hope adding more members won't affect the current group. Like it how it is now, too many people is to chaotic. Not to mention they compare her to Yuri who doesn't look like her && comes from a nine member group too. The only diff between SNSD and Tara is that SNSD didn't add or remove members in the past 5 years...All wells still a Tiara Fan!! (:
  10. Yeahhhh they get to appear in dramas!! Love Jiyeon hahah hopefully she gets someone definitely this time hahah (:
  11. Make them work even harder? What!? Like they're not working hard enough. They barely get brakes && they are even considering replacing old members. Don't think I'm gonna keep listening to T-ara if the ones I like get kicked out. Just saying (:
  12. I guess I was right on them getting more members similar to SNSD hahahha ummm well hopefully it all works out && having to many additions to the group won't affect T-ara. Love their group right now && hopefully I'll still like it with the new member additions.
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