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  1. Aaah.. watching this atm ^^ its tooo gooood ^^ gaah.. eunjung really carried out her role well =) hehe she's so hateful in the drama X)
  2. waah.. she really does look the same! cept without the make-up she just loioks like a normal girl on the streets =P
  3. Aah.. she's so pretty ^^ so theyve actually got a site opened? x) woah.. wonder if they actually manage to ship out clothes and all.. or does other ppl manage that for them.. =P anyways.. pretty pics ^^
  4. woah.. ahts not very nice.. whats that suppose to mean eh? i think jiyeon is actually doing better than some of the members in t-ara..
  5. aww.. so pretty! ^__^ loving the pic.. the outcome of polaroids are always so pretty.. but then, they are already BEAUTIFUL heh
  6. she's had surgery?! O_O what for.. i wonder if it's even true.. =P not like she really needs it unless for separating her eyes?..
  7. heyy her hair!! shew's changed it! im so sloww >< never knew she got a fringe too! looking lovely =) thanks for sharing^^
  8. beautiful! ^^ heyy~ i liek that decoration on her iphone? whatever phone or cam it is..xD looking goood.. but not as good as them of course ^^
  9. yay!! can't wait to watch this! love it when celebs take off their make-up n show ther natural faces ^^ it looks like jiyeon's got make u on though cos its somewhat smudging =P
  10. thanks for sharing ^^ gotta admit.. prefer their MV for "I go Crazy Because of you" but this is still BEA-UU-TII-FULL
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