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  1. go eunjung! i hope she wins the lawsuit! i really wanted to watch her in the drama tho. but i hope she wins from all the emotional stress she went through
  2. wow that's a nice offer. have fun girls they are such nice people. i wish i can attend tho
  3. i really think soyeon make a great leader. i like the way she speaks its so mature and heart warming. i wish t-ara the best of luck and are so glad that they are receiving more popularity.
  4. aww this is why i love t-ara they are such sweet loving girls
  5. wow they look totally different! especially hyomin with red hair and looking like a bad girl
  6. whoa that's a lot of pictures! thanks for the updates though. the girls look very tired.
  7. lilaznfan

    [PIC] T-ara

    man she is so young! i really wish her good luck to fit in with t-ara. and showbiz is a really hard business so i hope she does well.
  8. oooh i really like soyeons outfit! i like her black leather jacket it's really nice
  9. hyomin is so talented this is why i love the girl. can't wait to see her new line
  10. honey honey sounds like lovey dovey kinda. but either way i still like it. hope the girls get some fame lol
  11. wow those individual cds are cool! they should have individual member cds also like what they did for big bang and shinee
  12. i wish they would stick to diadem it sounds good. Tarathenas pretty good too
  13. damn it i needa get myself this photobook. anyone know how many pgs in it?
  14. oh man i hope the new line is good. i seriously love t-ara as how they are now. so hope the new members actually do them good
  15. wow it's cool they making dvd! but damn i hope it's not too expensive but i love their concepts
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