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  1. Waaaahhhhhh i want to hug them too!!!!!!! Hoping they'll win big this time
  2. i'm really happy for them! i wish they will stay as 6-ara forever. though i miss hwayoung. Let's just hope hwayoung can make her debut again soon
  3. OHMYGOD this is seriously a good news!!!! can't wait for their comeback!!! HOPE IT WILL BE DAEBAK
  4. i'm a bit shocked when i see the title. but then awww they're so cute and they love each other so much. i'm going to support their relationship from now on. hope they get married someday
  5. OMG i can't wait for this comeback! seriously i'm missing the original T-ara so much! Hope this one will get no.1 on charts
  6. But they haven't film their married episode. Like khuntoria and goguma couple before they leave the show..
  7. " Born with a beautiful appearance to a relatively well-off family, she grew up lacking nothing. And also with her father’s vigorous support for his daughter to become an artist. (Personally finding his way to a large agency company for his twin daughters to become artists, and interfering with CCM with all his might, a father like this, if his daughter really was bullied, would he really stand by and do nothing?) " I am touched Whatever it is I hope T-Ara can climb back to the top and Hwayoung will be a succesful rapper and please Kim Kwangsoo please do what's best for your idols .
  8. ohh can't wait for the official release.. how i wish they make an official release for jiyeon's version of hello to myself and others too..
  9. What is wrong with the president. if they are doing well, why replace? if he really replace the current t-ara. i'm going to korea and seriously .. ish! i don't want t-ara to break up. please pray that he won't replace anyone,. and maybe won't add new members too. if there are too many members, they will get too little lines you know,
  10. if they add another member, surely they will have even more shorter lines. I hope they wont add another member again.
  11. This is interesting but i'm scared they will be out of breathe with the singing and the dancing. wow. All the best for T-ARA !!
  12. Omg I want to go! Too bad i'm in miri and I think school has started then.
  13. I hope they call her. She can appear as a guest. So sunny & hyomin will be together again :-)
  14. wow. i can't wait for the dance version. havent heard the dance version but i really like the ballad version.
  15. LOVE the new concept. even though it's still the same. but this one looks more beautiful..
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