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  1. eunjung hair is longer now.. i thought it was jiyeon. haha.. whatever it is.. they really cute
  2. oww.. thats really cute.. i don't see she become more feminine cuz she looks like that every time.. hahaha.
  3. yeah3.. its tomorrow~~~ but i really hope they will make a movie starring all of them
  4. WOW!! like the color concept~ so cool.. especially jiyeon in the front
  5. Haha.. lol.. they really received toilet papers?? but its worth it. haha.. & i can't wait for their comeback.. Hope it will be a hit like bo beep bo beep!
  6. Ok.. Hyomin just make me got heart attack.. haha.. lol.. did she just put blueberry or something there?? haha.. she's so funny
  7. WOW>.< Eunjung didn't wear any makeup.. she's brave.. haha.. but no worries! she's beautiful as ever..
  8. I want to watch this!! they're the same except for their hair color. hahaha.. looks like the twins are slowly into acting..
  9. Haha.. hye Jiyeon's bias too :) u like jimin rite?? same wf me.. but of course Jiyeon's more.. ^^

  10. Oh.. I'm so jealous.. I hope they will visit all over Malaysia.. hahaha.. But still I son't think I can even meet them
  11. Oh.. its retro.. I hope it will be daebak like bo beep bo beep too.. & now a can see all their signature. hehe..
  12. LOVING T-ARA more from time to time :)

  13. WOW! I hope it will be DAEBAK!!! just like bo beep bo beep.. can't wait for their comeback! GO T-ARA!!
  14. One word = GODDESS ! She's beautiful + pretty + cute + sexy + gorgeous + (i don't know anymore ^^) btw, EUNJUNG DAEBAK!
  15. Good job for our Jiyeon hee~ And she's a homosexual in there?? hahaha.. lol. glad its just a kiss on the cheek. haha..
  16. aww.. so sweet.. can't wait for this to be subbed !! diadem hwaiting!
  17. like her hair here very much! ) and i miss her old long hair.. haha
  18. eunjung unnie so cute. she's shy bout the skinship thingy.. hope they will be a fun and natural couple
  19. wow.. looks like t-ara have been even more active lately.. btw, love jiyeon unnie's hair~~
  20. oww.. she's so beautiful.. so this is why yunho with her. haha. lol..
  21. i dont know the guy.. but they looked sweet together.. and eunjung face is so shining~~ haha.
  22. ok. that's funny. haha. lol. y did they want to run away?? and even at the same time.. coincidence much.
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