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  1. oh no.. i enjoy heroes! it will be sad if heroes end.. no more jiyeon-jieun moment...
  2. wow.. congrats to them.. hope they will be acting together again. love jiyeon and joon.
  3. ok.. i dont really understant the story but its pretty funny. lol hyomin
  4. she looks fine to me.. still beautiful. and she slept with her nails like that? haha.
  5. waw3.. all 3 of my fav t-aras.. haha.. i cant wait to watch mu bank tomorrow!!! wohoo..!
  6. really???? that is eunjung??!!!!!! can't believe it.. haha.. look so weird..
  7. Haha.. lol.. that's unique.. it's good that she's okay now.. she's happy, i'm happy hahaha..
  8. she's cute, pretty, beautiful n so on with n without eyeliner. haha but for the pictures above, i choose without eyeliner.. hehe.
  9. oh really!!!! y are they making hyomin's life so difficult? both of them agreed to speak informally.. poor hyomin!!
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