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  1. if it's true that they bullied her then why do you expect her to help them out?.... lbr IF the rumors are true then I don't see why you should be disappointed of her for not coming out to say: forgive them. It's ok if you forgive people who bully you, but don't expect others to do the same. The thing is they don't NEED to know what happened, I'm pretty sure CMM won't come out and say what went down behind scenes. General public don't like t-ara, right now, they see them as bullies and bad people. SBS won't take chances and say: oh sure we believe you, even if everyone hates you we got your back. That's not how things work.
  2. the difference is love rain had jang geun seuk, eunjung is not as popular as him in japan and asia. they have joo ji hoon so why risk the drama and keep her when they can find someone else
  3. why would they want to be popular? they're pds not idols..... if pds don't feel like casting someone then they won't do it. t-ara as a whole is not extremely popular tbqh so they can all survive without them The ones who would lose more in this case is t-ara not the tv networks
  4. lol way to miss the point seriously. T-ara's fancafe already lost 6,000+ members and it continues to lose members as we speak, if they want to say something to save themselves now it's the time
  5. I'm glad she's in T-ara (: I don't listen to snsd that much anymore and it would have been sad to miss this girl (: I love her
  6. good for them (: I'm really proud and happy they're receiving a lot of attention nowadays
  7. lol the only thing I see is Kim Taehee )): /biased they all look good regardless of what they're wearing ;D
  8. uh? I do like snsd, I don't consider myself a fan but I do like them, except taeyeon :)

  9. your changmin pic is adorable :D

  10. antis???? the girls have antis??? who could hate them D:
  11. eunjung is sooooo lucky D: and I can't hate her, she's awesome and I adore her biggrin.gif plus they didn't kissed, I'm cool with that lol @rameshluveman don't go there, seriously yoochun is a gentleman, plus there was no scandal because they were dating and I don't see a problem with that. I must say that the first part of your comment was unnecessary.
  12. wow they all look sexy ;D nahh what am I saying they're gorgeous~ I'm really liking this concept so far :]

  14. They look good, kind of fresh without make up ;D thank you for sharing these caps ~
  15. omg they're so gorgeous, I can't wait to watch the performance ;D lol boram is so short (so adorable! lol)
  16. can't wait!!! ;D hyomin is gorgeous and I have TTL Listen 2 stuck in my head Thank you for the news ~
  17. The new version is a little bit more upbeat and I love it ;D I can't wait for the first performance!~
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