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  1. its been a long time...ㅎㅎ

  2. 와~ 디아뎀...진짜오랜만이에요.

  3. Aigoo....how is tiaradiadem doing?

  4. hahahha it was nice but really embarrassing! Imagine the idols that people sing happy birthday to them at the concerts! they probably feel embarrassing and grateful at the same time lol!

  5. haahhahah!! thats okay!! I'm fine with it :D

    I think I got too much birthday wishes last year it kinda fulfilled this year's birthday wish hahaha!!

    Last year, the whole school + parents sang happy birthday to me at our school play. Really embarrassing!!

  6. There's an angel in my heart.

  7. gonna go film roly poly!

  8. เฮ้อ~~~ ยากจังเลย...

  9. 티아라디아뎀 보고싶다!

  10. Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly

  11. than you again hehehe!

  12. I am so lazy to do geo homework.

  13. oh yeah, the oh honey one sounds weird. I like moonlight starlight better.

  14. ahhh~ fanfics make me have strength during the day. lol!

  15. real title track? wait is that the starlight moonlight thingy?

  16. I know right? but don't know if i might change my mind! lol!

  17. Not really a freshman. It's just like moving up one grade/year.

  18. I love reading fanfics XD

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