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  1. I hope you do!!! It was really fun with hyomin around and the folding screen couple hehe!!
  2. haha aww...they remember their fanclubs! Yes, they should have an official fanclub name! we wanna be called something definite It would be lovely if they had their own concert. An/A Asia/World Tour!
  3. oh yeah...maybe it's that. i didn't even notice it eventhough it was big lol i just found hyomin's face really creepy. its like they exaggerated the contrast.
  4. AWESOME!!! Hope it works for a mac! And the weird thing?? is it hyomin's face in the first screen cap? it's awfully creepy..
  5. OMG! more releases! I love CCM lols and a dance version. It seems pretty powerful cus I see that the girls are tweeting a lot of pain and aches lately haha must be because of the choreo. anyway, looking forward to this very much!
  6. GREAT THANKS!! It was private on youtube T__T I had only a bit left to watch Love you guys!
  7. its been a long time...ㅎㅎ

  8. 와~ 디아뎀...진짜오랜만이에요.

  9. Aigoo....how is tiaradiadem doing?

  10. hahahha it was nice but really embarrassing! Imagine the idols that people sing happy birthday to them at the concerts! they probably feel embarrassing and grateful at the same time lol!

  11. haahhahah!! thats okay!! I'm fine with it :D

    I think I got too much birthday wishes last year it kinda fulfilled this year's birthday wish hahaha!!

    Last year, the whole school + parents sang happy birthday to me at our school play. Really embarrassing!!

  12. There's an angel in my heart.

  13. wow!! people should take hyomin as a role model!! She has such a high fighting spirit! Go hyomin unnie and don't forget to take care of your health
  14. I wanna go too!! Too bad I don't have a daum account lol! Seems like a fun party and also get invited by hyomin herself!
  15. gonna go film roly poly!

  16. เฮ้อ~~~ ยากจังเลย...

  17. 티아라디아뎀 보고싶다!

  18. jiyeon, hyomin and qri looks so pretty!
  19. Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly

  20. than you again hehehe!

  21. I am so lazy to do geo homework.

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