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  1. hm....... a cra..m load of singles.... i don't think i'm going to buy this. like every other smart poor person out there (or moderately rich). I'll just download it off the internet. But yeah~It's still supporting them if i'm listening to their music :D :D
  2. the car doesn't really look smashed up. it looked like it was a small bump that should have just broken the glass and whiplashed everyone in the car.
  3. they're still hiding something, if she were to get mad, there would be a reason, a human does not get mad for no reason, unless you're on your period or a serial killer, but there has to be a reason why. She's not that childish.
  4. this is small news, it's not really a big deal, it happens like, @_@ almost all the time with new groups who don't make it. of course, it was stupid to do all them activities involving Hwayoung in it, but i guess it's CCM's loss. They should have kicked out JiYeon too. All i know now is that T-ARA will be losing a lot of fans, due to the fact that T-ARA members have to hide their trust with each other, because @_@ it's obvious that they don't trust each other. oh well, time for T-ARA and their fans to move on.
  5. i LOVEEEE how you guys are complaining about 9-ARA, everyone should just be happy and let it happen, because we all know~~~ that complaining OR whining won't change KKS's decision. Plus, i'm not sure about how long the contracts are for T-ARA, but i could say that when their contract is up, the two noobies (add in Hwayoung, so that's three) would be able to take over T-ARA, and maybe in the long run, there will be more members by then. I understand, yes we don't know what Areum is capable of, it's only one video... and yes Dani was picked off the street, like mostly every other member in other idol groups. Some people know this all ready, but when Kpop started, err when SES and HOT came into the world, they were also picked up off the street. So eh, maybe the pedophile does know what he's doing or maybe not. But we just cant go and complain about something to the person who is never here. Just let things happen and go with the flow. No one's going to care but eh, who cares anyway right? Because we all know, that one day everyone's going to accept the two noobs.
  6. well, that's quite creepy for an old man like that to be looking at, or scouting in his terms, 14 year olds on the street. but eh oh well. Dancing skills, eh? I guess she can choreo for the group now. it would be awesome. Hopefully she has that singing talent.. That unrefined jewel isn't going to cut itself.
  7. ouch! I hope she gets better. It seems very very bad and I read on some causes of Gastritis.
  8. hahaha walking around eating icecream? so much for rejecting such an amount of money for "learning choreography" ... i guess she's learning by walking around.
  9. that's a lot of money they're refusing right now. but whatever the reasons, i guess it made sense why she refused... or well CCM made her refuse haha.
  10. It's like he's saying, "I'm getting rid of T-ARA and keeping Davichi by my side."
  11. i, really, still don't believe this... April? is Three months away... and aren't they stopping promos for LD next month? or end of this month... what are they going to do with an extra month? they only have a 10 day vacation... Anyways, it just shows how much CCM is unprepared and unorganized with things related to their artists... and themselves. *SIGH*
  12. lol, the shuffle dance, next thing you know, they'll be dancing with LMFAO lol, just kidding XD but hey~ i'll be dancing to it if it's awesome~ T-ARA Hwaiting!
  13. Is it just the MV, or also the album release? If it's also the album realease then... I say forget about the new album release and wait for the right moment. It seemed like LD wasn't important enough to CCME If it was important, then why bury something first priority with things that they could easily promote next year? *Sigh* ....
  14. Ch. 2,5


    and about Hyomin, yes, she will be in the fanfic, but as for i know, she won't be in it soon. so please be patient and she'll pop up in in a chapter XD Thanks for your support.

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