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  1. Let's do this. Meet me by the biggest bank in the world and remember to put on a mask of KKS's face LOLOL
  2. OMG YES! I hope international fans can join too cuz it would kinda really suck if we couldn't lol And hope they name it diadem cuz it sounds good, looks good, and makes perfect sense! T-ara Diadem. see the correlation? LOL
  3. I think releasing it on the 20th is better cuz then the other 2 music videos will be #1 and 2 for one more day and then T-ara can dominate all over again on the 20th lol
  4. OMG I love Lee Jangwoo (no homo) I love how he played his character in Man of Honor. I didn't recognize Eunjung in the picture lol
  5. I can't wait to see Dream High 2!!! Who are the 2 other male casts besides the guy in 2AM??
  6. Oh this is soooo good. *SPOILER ALERT* One of the few mv/dramas with the death of main character in the end that I love lol <-- does this make sense? xD
  7. Nooo my winter vacation starts on december 24 and ends on January 2. Great and here I was thinking about how I would watch it over this vacation.
  8. Aren't they also going to release Lovey Dovey on the 24th?? And I can't wait for this collaboration Its gonna be good lol
  9. Hope its as good as Hello Baby. Dream Girls got kinda boring but I finished it nevertheless (die hard fan lol) Oh wells can't wait to see this ^^
  10. But if they make an official fanclub, wouldn't we need that number thingy that only korean citizens have in order to join... But at least we'd have something official to call ourselves lol
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