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  1. I want to see how the stupid ceo clean this mess after destroyed T-ara
  2. Oh hell no, what she has done to be treated like that KKS, you a**hole, you've destroyed our girls ( KKS will be number 1 in every Queen blacklist
  3. This sh*t is getting out of control right now Although I go with Hwayoung but banning the rest is too much
  4. Wow~ KKS is trying to save the situation now If he ready to forgive Hwayoung then why don't do it from beginning The more he speaks, the more he is a jerk
  5. It's sad to see fans turn their back T.T There are still many better solution than kicking Hwayoung out, like scolding her or give her a time to reflect if she were misbehaving Once again, it's all CCM's fault.
  6. I don't like the fact that the numbers of T-ara's members keep changing It's not like i anti new members or sumthing, but i really love T-ara when they had 6 original members
  7. KKS, pls shut ur fck up I want to hear it from T-ara, the staffs, fans and Hwayoung So you're the one should be stay quiet instead of Hwayoung
  8. I need T-ara or Hwayoung to speak up for theirself cuz i seem hard to believe words from that *******'s mouth "and this was witnessed by fans" ~> should have fancams
  9. I really dunno what Hwayoung has done to be kicked out of the group @@ There's too much question in my head right now All i can say is good luck to you, Hwayoung I hope she won't give up her dream and some good company will take her
  10. I dunno if Eunjung felt uncomfortable since she's the only female in Idols Team
  11. Dani's outfit looks youthful & comfortable while Qri looks like a boss )
  12. So exited But is it hard for them to keep releasing album & promoting like that?
  13. I only hope KKS will leave T-ara alone Our girls have to suffer such a hard situation bcuz of him Aigoo~ i really can't wait for tomorrow
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