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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Why must we provide our address to register an account?! curse you ccm. T.T gawd. i cant imagine what name will they choose. By judging on the ones currently suggested....oh no. oh no no no.
  2. Huge article on Eunjungie and Jiyeonnie. Hahah EunMin ))
  3. -sufferring from another heart attack- Argh, my 효민 heart. T.T Fine fine fine. I SHALL ADMIT IT. Well, they kinda look good together. Second picture : *dying from sweetness/fluffyness overdose* Gonna watch it when its broadcasted!! Wonder what kind of chemistry will 付辛博 & 효민 have. ^^
  4. Not baddd. But can be better cos some parts looked strange. Hahah but its okayzxz 8D. Fashion coordi for Eunjung and 5dolls, ran a blogshop before, designed her own costume... And now this! 효민 is awesomezxzxzxxxxxx!!!!!
  5. O.o what mv is this?! Hyomin looks so elegant hahaha )))) beautiful ~
  6. The sound is not in synced with the image though
  7. Shes really suitable for rapping. Glad she was added in the group
  8. Wait. Is this another Roly poly style or BLACK EYES????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cOS I WANT them to comeback with black eyes since they said its sooo amazing.
  9. ZOMG. Could this be any better ???!!!!!!! Im already dying cos of blackeyes and now this. AHHHH. Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. OMGawd. This is really exciting. But i must say, its a really dangerous move. SNSD, maybe they may overtake them since they are sooo confident of 'black eyes' but wonder girls, hmm. They been on a hiatus long enuff, im sure they still have many many faithful korean fans. I hope t-ara all the best and stay healthy
  11. when will they come singapore to promote like this?? T.T awesome!!
  12. wow! Hyomins is really pretty here! I wan that!!
  13. Ahhh i so wanna go. This kind of this makes me wish i was a korean in korea. T.T i wanna go sooo badly!
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