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    neitu got a reaction from winnieBG in [12.04.06] T-ara to promote as 9 members beginning in July   
    i give up KKS don't know how to handle his OWN only successful group as of now. and to sum it up HE doesn't care the feelings of the fans
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    neitu reacted to kkyc222 in [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?   
    They should just give more lines to the others, especially eunjung.. Anyone who's listened to the first album will know eunjungs voice is not bad. But she hardly gets any lines now...especially when the rap is given to hwayoung now. same with hyomin (although she probably gets the most lines after soyeon). Just train the other members' vocals and let them develop instead of making them stand around while giving the new members (who btw have not worked in building up t-ara's popularity) all the lines and screen time.


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    neitu reacted to maknae23 in [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?   
    So basically, it's like this.
    Three of them, Soyeon and the 2 new members are going to stand in the middle and sing during a performance. They won't be dancing. While the other 6 will dance at the back of them. Hwayoung or Hyomin or EunJung will be joining the three of them in front when it comes to rapping. They won't need the boy dancers and the backup dancers because the stage can't accommodate too many of them. This will help CCM to save money on backup dancers !! AHHH, now I get his stupid point.
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    neitu got a reaction from WooRi in [12.03.01] Quick News - Roly Poly, Cry Cry, We Were In Love and Lovey Dovey charts achievments   
    T-ara is truly the best yet underestimated by many
    i'm proud of our girls
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    neitu got a reaction from jyuanzhe in [12.02.09] Hwayoung and Hyoyoung to dance head to head in "Lovey-Dovey Plus"   
    Ryu twins for the win!! can't wait for the MV * A *
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    neitu got a reaction from VannieRichi in [12.01.27] Chinese "We Got Married" wife Hyomin, "I no longer will be jealous of Eunjung"   
    lol..ah i prefer it be EunMin xD
    i just hope her husband will be fun like Jangwoo xD
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    neitu got a reaction from Soyah in [12.01.15] Lee Jangwoo reveals he's upset with Jiyeon and Soyeon's remarks   
    nonetheless i still love this couple xD
    scripted or not
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