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  1. I agree 100%...stop with the gimmicks...the girls are great w/o having them all!!! Also loving the clearer version...hope they perform more with the song!
  2. This song needs to go world wide...it's that great!!!
  3. It is great to hear the girls clearly! Soyeon...you made me proud!!!
  4. Boram and Soyeon are looking awesome in these pics. Can't wait...the countdown is ticking
  5. Go VOTE now on MCountdown (#45) http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote.m?lang=eng&mcdMenuId=menu2_1#gnb_login
  6. Can't wait for Eng subs!!! It's great seeing them on shows again!!!!
  7. I'm getting very excited about the new sub-unit. Plz. bring back the "TTL" magic where Hyomin and EunJung rapped, EunJung had shorter hair, and there was more edge to their music...plz CCM!!!
  8. [13.01.16] Video - Tara @ Golden Disk Award (Fancam) I can't wait to see this in HD to hear them better! Credit: joshuaongys @ youtube Credit: raymond @ youtube
  9. Could be they don't want to slip and die from those high heels....eeek! Everyone knows it takes concentration to strut in them heels
  10. wow...they were AWESOME! I love it when the voice-over doesn't take over and you actually get to hear their voices! This was my first time seeing Areum performing in Roly Poly and she did great! thx for sharing!
  11. Director Cha Euntaek sums it up perfectly. I'm so glad there are ppl. out there, no matter where, that can and are willing to step out to defend not just T-ara but what is right. PPl. should learn and take notice of what he says. Dir. Cha Euntaek, we fans appreciate your kind/truthful words!
  12. this goes to show...don't trust everything you read/hear on the internet....(hint, hint)
  13. I love it better when they actually sing live rather than per-recorded. This was awesome! Let T-ara kick some Antis' a#@ and get an all kill asap!
  14. Went on to do my daily voting for T-ara and am so happy to see them as #1! Sharing the good news with all Queens! Yeah! http://global.mnet.c...dMenuId=menu2_2 Credit: MNet Onliine
  15. Y they gotta add voice-over on Areum's rap part? I can hear her rap the part perfectly fine! Next time....I hope they let her just rap! good perf.
  16. this concept appears so good (I know it'll be great)! Hope that the controversy doesn't tint how great this could and should be! ppl. need to let it go! I'm still thinking KKS and CCM should delay till later in the yr. (scared and excited for them)
  17. Okay Antis...what else do you ppl. want? They got their "public" apology...happy now?! I personally don't see why they have to apologies to the public. They didn't do anything wrong to us fans, listener, & communities. If they've resolved it among themselves then it's resolved. I feel like this was blown out of proportion due to CCM, KKS, and those damn netizens. Everyone needs to calm down, take a deep breath, and move on to more serious issues in the world.
  18. I'm very nervous for the girls...Korean antis are very aggressive right now. I would rather they rest and start promoting later. We all know CCM and KKS are losing big time $$$ which is why they are pushing for such an early comeback! I do not want the girls to fail due to old man KKS's stupidity!
  19. This is ludicrous! Shame on the Kpop entertainment industry. Enough is enough. With everything else happening in this world, boycotting T-ara from every show/drama gains nothing. I wish someone (ppl) big in the industry would stand up for the girls. Really...nothing was proven and the only true fact we found out was that CCM and KKS are messed up!
  20. I totally agree! There's still so much haters out there that even if the song is AMAZING, it might not get to the top! They need to kick back, focus on other activities, and wait till this blows over! I too am waiting for the song, but I would rather they wait and gain the success they deserve. In the end, we know CCM and KKS will suck as much $ as they can out of the girls and disregard what's best for the group. Poor members!
  21. What?! Hope everyone is fine. Maybe those netizens are doing some voodoo S*@t on the girls?! Recover well Soyeon!
  22. T_T Sad to see how cruel ppl. are...Others are so quick to judge and assume!
  23. Sorry to say.....the only misunderstanding is that KKS open his freaken mouth! We all know that he wanted to be in the SPOTLIGHT himself. So if anyone is demanding anything....it should be for him to apologies!
  24. Apologies for what? What the F@*k did T-ara do personally to these netizens? Are these netizens gonna DIE if they don't get an apology? The way I see it, they want an apology as evidence that the girls DID bully (even tho it hasn't been proven). YOU'RE DAMN IF YOU DO, DAMN IF YOU DON'T! I don't see these netizens pushing for idols who drink/drive (cough-Daesung of Big Bang and Nichkhun of 2pm) to lay their careers and lives out for them! GET OVER IT! GRRRRRRRRR
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