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  1. They should have taken quicker action to showcase they were serious with these false accusations/postes. I mean, come on, these articles damaged the good names of ppl. (mainly the members). You have to be firm in your actions CCM else you'll be the butt of all jokes (which is the case now)
  2. okay...this is just ridiculous! who ever wrote this...shame on you. All these speculation and false accusations are making the situation more worse than it needs to be. I wanna see how all these anti-fans and so-call fans that jumped on the wagon to accuse and cuss these girls out feel a few weeks from now when all this superficial idol world news ends. I just keep remember how these netizens ended ex-2pm Jay Park's career for awhile then turn to say how they didn't "mean" to at the end. I'm not dumb enough to believe every written word found on the internet....who knows it could be some 12 yrs. old kid w/no life
  3. [12.07.22] Video - Soyeon filming Haeundae Lover I don't recall anyone posting this...saw this and wanted to share! I'm so happy to see Soyeon being so cute while acting!!!! CR: unaicha143 @YT
  4. I'm so loving this performance! Best to date of "Day by Day"! The need to win....lets push them to the top ppl.!
  5. the anticipation is killing me! EEEkkkk anyone know when this will air and if anyone is going to Eng sub.? thx for sharing!
  6. I LOVE everything abt this...minus the english part! It's great to see them growing in their music!
  7. no news here....always a freaken DELAY! CCM so sucks !!!! I expected it but still pisses me off
  8. how very cute....looking so young even tho she's one of the oldest member! I LOVE the orange bag!!!!
  9. omg...se7en over took T-ara.....eeeekkkkk!!!! come vote Queens so T-ara has a chance...we can do it!
  10. Japanese camerawork is soooooo much better than in Korea....Doesn't make me sick from zooming in&out....I can actually see the girls! thx for sharing!
  11. come on....no way can IU win over the girls......come vote!
  12. they need to be recognized by winning.....they worked sooooo hard!
  13. omg! omg! omg! I was so piss thinking that was how woojung couple was gonna end....then this! Yeah! I can't wait...miss watching them!
  14. thanks so much for sharing...it's great that they did all three songs live! Damn....mic. always messing up!
  15. eeekhang

    Hyomin 16

    wow...she really does look like a doll!
  16. Hate the director...fire him/her....BUT T-ara and song are just the BEST!!!!!
  17. wow...they did great...even w/the mess ups....who cares! I'm loving the fact that they sing live in Japanese! Go! Go! Go! <3
  18. what is this countdown for? eng sub. anyone plz.? most entertaining girl group
  19. u would think CCM could @least cough up some $$$ to do T-ara some decent videos overseas. Invest in them like they are in you....grrrrr! T-ara looking beautiful as always!
  20. eeekhang


    wow...Eun Jung's legs look a mile long!
  21. T-ara members need to go on strike or else leave CCM as a group! Why that douche needs to tighten his wallet and see how much T-ara has earned for him. you run the members on a four months spree of activities and then add more members and say this is to help them.....yeah right! Douche just wants to bank more $$$$ Time to leave? I think so!
  22. After all this time...it's not even worth it to censor it! If it's all that....they should censor everything then! @_@
  23. what the heck is CCM and Kim Kwangsoo problem? Not hard working? T-ara is known to have one of the frantic schedules around. Seems like some hype to suck life and money out of all the members. They should be so luck to have T-ara! Strike against Kim Kwangsoo! grrrrrrrrr
  24. one week is not a vacation!!!! CCM is sucking the life out of the girls! Give them at least two weeks! @_@
  25. [12.03.05] Video - T-ara Roly Poly (Japanese Ver.) live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZCEBc3eKR4 CREDIT: OVmTube on YT It's so great to hear them sing this in Japanese!
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